Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Zoo!

We enjoyed a morning at the Chaffee Zoo. Fresno has an awesome zoo and because our town does not have one at all, the kids always want to come to the zoo when we come to town.

Two potential princesses kissing a toad.

My little peacock

The kids loved the reptile house. they looked at each exhibit in order, with Mikayla leading the way and reading the info for the kids. Often the girls couldn't find the reptile but Caleb would come up from behind an point it out to them.

Watching the sea lions.

We have a picture of me standing on these logs when I was a little girl.

Caleb and Grandma liked the Camel best.

This is the only photo of Caitlyn at the zoo. Shoot.

Mailee holding a miniature zebra.

The kids loved this- those guides had photos of all the animals in the exhibit and they spent a lot of time searching for each one and then reading about them.

At the top of the structure in the rain forest with a beautiful canopy of green leaves above them. They were all smiles (and not fake ones) CUTE!!

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