Saturday, March 30, 2013

Caity And Breezy's Easter Tea Party

Cambria's birthday falls on Easter day this year.
How special!
Caity's birthday is in April.
We decided to celebrate Cambria and Caitlyn together with one party.
Caity asked for a tea party once I had already planned an Easter egg party.
I've learned it does not hurt to let the kids have an opinion so we combined the two themes.

Mailee set the tea party table beautifully!

I wrapped the dining table with this adorable chevron wrapping paper.

A little chalkboard action...reminding us all the REAL reason for Easter:)

Cute little nest

My birthday girls!

I saw this fun idea at Creativity In Progress.
Maddie and I had such a great time fancying them up!


Awe!  Big sisters are the best!

My Bree baby is turning 2!!!

Checking out her cake.

Caity's cake was bigger than Cambria's.
She was pretty happy about that:)

Look at that sweet baby!

Caity and her friend Emilie

Playing in her room.

Dyeing eggs.
{thanks Pinterest for the whisk  idea}

Cambria loved this for about 4 eggs.
Then she was done.

Little cousins with lots of supervision!

Playing pass the package.
Caity was really excited to play this game!
Most of the kids were a bit young but the Mom's made it work!

Seth won the prize!!

Big girls finishing up the eggs.

Bunny ears!!

Little bunny saying "cheese"

Tea pot.
From Mikayla's 4th birthday.
I had painted it to match her bedding.
She still keeps it on display in her room.
She was nice enough to loan it to me:)

Hunting for empty plastic eggs at the park.

Washi taped the toothpicks at the last minute.
Cute-ness factor was totally worth the tedious task.

Somebody is starting to look tired from all the fun!

Easter bunnies
{egg hiders}

Our little Caitlyn Hope!

Caity loved every minute of her birthday song!!

Little Bree was so happy when it was her turn.
She knew exactly what to do when the song was over.
Here she is blowing out the first candle...

...on to the second candle..

...she did it all by herself!
Proud baby!

Always gotta get a pic with the birthday kiddo!

We had our big family Easter dinner after the party.  It was an awesome day!