Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaving (NOT) On A Jet Plane...

Fun facts about our trip...

-We are's 21 hours.

-Yesterday we purchased a bike rack so the kids could bring their bikes. Fresno is flat.

-I have to pack for 6 today. (Mike packs himself)

-The van has not been cleaned out from our last trip two weeks ago and likely won't be at all.

-We are staying at my Mom's in California. She has a playroom for when we come.

-Mike and I are attending a wedding this kids, no flower girl duties :) I will be
wearing my yellow heels!

-The temp in Fresno today is 85.

-Mikayla has a special friend that she met in preschool in Fresno. They still keep in touch through letters. They are looking forward to lots of play dates and a week of VBS.

-Crocodile Dock is the theme in Fresno too.

-After the weekend, Mike is flying home to work...I am staying with the kids and the van. Sadly, we will be apart from him on Father's Day.

-Places we want to visit: The Chaffee Zoo, Wild Water Adventures, The D school, Grandpa's house, Grandpa's pool, The Obwald's, Scribbles, Pocket full of Treasures, Target, Round Table, Baja Fresh, Riverpark, Sweet Tomato's, The Library, Naartije, Limited Too, Victoria's Secret's PINK, Macy's, Cheesecake Factory, Uncle Harry's, TJ Max, Ross, The awesome local parks...

-Mike will fly back to California near the end of the month and we are gonna go to Disneyland!

-Last time we were in Disneyland as a whole family, Mailee was 2.

-We will spend some time at the ocean, too.

-This year we will miss Canada day.

-I am stokked to celebrate 4th of July at Buchanan. One of my favorite memories of Fresno!

-we will be back in Kelowna on the 6th of July.

One of our favorite places to eart!

The Zoo!!

Mikayla and Devon

Mikayla blogged about her thought on Summer. Check her out!


Christa said...

Is your mom in the same house? If so, we're only about a mile away. Maybe we'll bump into you somewhere? I'd love to say hi in person.

Allison Vasquez said...

Don't forget Storyland, Playland, and the Underground Gardens. Maybe we'll see you at Buchanan on the 4th!

Grandpa Russ said...

Pool's all clean & ready for play! Extra towels await!

New inn's not ready yet, but next year - plenty of space + a spa!

See you soon!