Monday, July 30, 2012

Exploring San Jose

Now that Meghan and Brian live in San Jose, we were so excited to get to explore their new city with them!

Checking out some artwork at the Farmer's Market.

Eating some incredible fruit...

Appreciating the gorgeous flowers!

While strolling the Farmer's Market. we found a doll shop.
The girls all loved it.
Mailee was in heaven.
We left her in the shop while we finished up the market.
She purchased a new Barbie for her collection.
So fun!!

1000's of dolls.
So girly in this store.
Lots of beautiful dolls but there was a slightly creepy element.
Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't want to be the one to turn out the lights and lock up at closing time.

This was a princess picture but Caleb hopped in so now it's a royalty picture.

Cambria was nice enough to snap Aunty Meg's sunnies in two.
Smart baby knew I was looking for a good excuse to go to Target:)

Watching Netflix at Bri and Meg's

Bria didn't have a crib.
She's not used to going to sleep without a crib but a snuggle from Mommy and Bun Bun was all she needed to eventually fall asleep.

Two girls on the floor in honor of the Olympics they are laying in their "synchronized sleeping" poses!

Three amigos watching a movie.
{L-R; me, Meg, Bri}

Santana Row!
Such a fun outdoor shopping plaza.

Attempting to play giant chess with 6 children who all had their own ideas.

Ok, we eventually just let them line the pieces up however they wanted them.
Oh P.S. the hanging baskets in Santana Row have ribbons hanging from the bottoms. Great idea!!

Love this pot.

Paper Source!
So in love with this store!!

Stimulation overload for my creative kiddos!

My Cambria

My Caity.

My Caleb

My Maddie

My Mailee

My Mikayla

Sister chats.

The whole gang

It was a real treat to be with Meg and Bri...Can't wait to do it again!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half Moon Bay With The Newlyweds

We spent a glorious afternoon at our all time favourite Bay Area beach with Bri and Meg.

It was a beautiful day, so warm and sunny, a rare and unpredictable occurrence in this area.

At the top of the cliff, first breathtaking view.
Like seriously, its gorgeous.
cant. stop. staring.

Caleb made quick work of the watermelon.
See the cliffs in the background?  That's what we all scaled down to get to this beach.
That is probably why this beach is not littered with people.
There is a path but let me tell you, it's a trek.
The so worth it kind of trek.

Meg packed a picnic spread.
Meg and Bri are living in San Jose while Bri is at chiropractic school.
We got to spend two days with them.
It was so nice to see the newlyweds in their space!

Mads approved of the food.

Picnicking on the beach of an ocean is very different than the beach of a lake.
The sand feels clean.
The sound of the waves is soothing.
And the smell of salt good!

I didn't hear from Mailee the whole time.
She was enthralled.

Races with Aunty Meg.

Mads found lots of sea life.

My growing-too-fast kid.
Almost as tall as me.
It's a crime.
She does take a nice picture tho:)
{Ritz Carlton in the background.}

Caity and Aunty and footprints in the sand.

Can you see the sea star that the kids found?
{it's purple}

Racing with Daddy.

Searching for shells.

Family shot!
Seriously, how gorgeous is that background!?!? 
I can't get over it.

{caleb...ha ha.}

Eight in a row!
{Cambi refused to hold Daddy's hand}

Thanks for a fun day, we love you two!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Brian & Meghan's Vancouver Wedding

  This past weekend our family celebrated.
Our hearts expanded.
We shed a ton of happy, bursting with gladness tears.
I gained a beautiful, tender-hearted, loving new sister!

Here is their special day in a few of my favourite photos...

This was the gorgeous scene of their vows.
On the deck of the Vancouver Rowing Club.

Here are the bridesmaids.
(L-R) Meg's sister Kate, Shell, Tam, Ter and myself.

The bridal party!
Mike was the best man.
Caity was a flower girl.
Caleb was an "usher".

Wedding kids with the bride and groom!

Our complete family!  
Now all 5 siblings are married.

Adorable flats for the reception.

The girls had matching dresses.
They looked beautiful!

Little Cambi was a crazy cranky baby girl toward the end of the evening but she looks pretty happy here!

The view from the deck was incredible.
I couldn't stop looking at it.
This is the best family picture I was able to get...
The oldest four are cooperating...that counts for something:)

Here's a whole bunch of the kids.
They had a great night.
Meg and Bri were so gracious to invite all these munchkins.
There were fun activities for them on the kids tables, too.

So honoured to be included!

Adorable cupcakes (and guests).
I was thanked and complimented many times for making the cupcakes.
I did not make them.
I enjoyed decorating the table they sat on but that was the extent of my role.

Girl table!!

Guy table!!
The boys were right next to the coffee.
And the gigantic bowl of sugar cubes.
You can imagine how that turned out.
(let's just say, someone on the deck below ended up with a cupcake on their head...)

Lots of heartfelt speeches.
The quality of character of these two was apparent.
They have so many people who love, respect and admire them.

Their first dance was awesome!

Just a magical night!
(and I had no idea but Brian can dance:)

The kids danced the night away.
It was really fun to watch them!

Madison was dancing like crazy.
People kept telling me "that girl can dance!"

The city view at night was breathtaking!

Just celebrated 13 years of marriage!

Caity played and danced her little heart out.
She eventually reached up to her Aunty Tammy, snuggled up in her arms and conked out.
What a sweetie!

This was the little "bed" we made for our two sweeties.
The music was pounding but they slept right through.

Soon Caleb gave in as well. 
I found him laying on two chairs under a table.

Brian and Meghan's wedding was beautiful, special, meaningful and magical.
I wish you all could have been there!

The getaway car!