Monday, June 15, 2009

Wild Water Adventures

Yesterday we took the kids to the water park. I have been telling them about this water park for a while, you know, "when I was a kid..." It was great to finally take them and show off one of Fresno's finest venues!!

So excited to get started!
We met Erin and Dave and their 3 kids at the park. Dave and his son Cohl went on lots of fun "big kid" rides with my big girls. The mats they are holding make them slide much faster down the water slides...the big girls loved it, Maddie was not so thrilled. She went once and that was it!

Mikayla was really brave, she did the yellow banzai two times!!

Caleb loved sliding and playing in the pirate ship.
I was so thankful for the waterproof camera so I could get photos of the kids in action! See my feet? This ride was huge and Mailee was really nervous but she did it!
I was able to go on rides and enjoy the big kids because Grandma Bev came along, we rented a cabana and Caitlyn and Grandma bonded in the shade. Thanks Mom!
Wild Water Adventures boasts the "largest wave pool in California" . It was large and the waves were huge and the kids LOVED it. The two tubes and two life jackets were super helpful!

The big girls floating in the wave pool.

I forgot how multicultural my town was.

We had a really fun day. No major meltdowns, no lost kids, no injuries! The biggest success in my opinion was how cute my kids were together. They looked out for each other and helped each other all day. They are awesome kids!
The one thing missing? Mike. We will have to go back someday with him!


Levecks said...

aww.. looks fun!! i like those clear tubes, and that one of mik and mai brought back memories of shell and I.
I laughed out loud at your multi-cultural comment that went with the picture.. haha
dave and erins boy is so big.. i always forget as time goes on kids grow up, its kinda weird not being the kids growing up anymore.

The Denis Family said...

Looks like fun! Looks like our travel might be sooner than we thought...maybe the 10th now!

The Hayes Family said...

Fun memories of Clovis Lakes! Ahh.. that place had some good times for us. So cool that you could bring your kiddos and meet up with Erin and Dave. Are you having a fun time in Fresno? I left a message with your mom today. Call me when you get the chance. I miss talking to you!

Macknicki Family said...

Wild Water Adventures...otherwise known as Clovis Lakes. What fun! I was just talking about how one of these days when I visit my family in Fresno we need to go there.

Stacey Munro said...
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Stacey Munro said...

Awe, too bad, we are going tomorrow. Missed you guys. We need to get together next week some time.

Eric said...

awe clovis lakes! I remember when we went there for summer fun days and steve tullis... the person in charge of the camp... almost got the whole group kicked out of the park for clogging up the #2 slide right before the big turn at the end!

did anybody go on the black hole???