Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Times

We have been busy visiting with Mike's Grandma from Winnipeg and of course the usual school, guitar, dance, etc. Mike went to a big Chiropractic seminar in Florida last week. He had a great time and came back really excited and encouraged. I have been taking a few cake jobs here and there but have scaled way back in preparation for baby.

Yesterday Mikayla came out of her room wearing her black and white striped sweater. Maddie and I copied her. We need to find a sweater like this for Mailee!!! Anyways, we took a few pictures just for fun. Here ya go!

Being silly for the photographer, Caleb (hence the hand in front of the lens)

All stripes!

Baby belly- 26.5 weeks

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashioned By The Father

Last week was Mikayla's special week at school. At the end of the week she got to do a presentation in the class and bring in her favorite things and people.
She and I spent lots of time on the computer going through the files of photos, picking her favorite ones, printing them out and then pasting them on posters. it was really fun to look back over her life and realise how fast the time has gone by. How is it possible that my baby is 9?
Pointing out her special "stuff"
This is part of her timeline. It went from birth to present with all of the big events in her life. Can you see her kissing newborn Caleb?

The teacher asked Mike to pray for Mikayla and all her friends gathered around her. So Special!

The same day, we also got to watch Mikayla launch a rocket. When a chiled in this teacher's class get a certain number of books read, they get to launch one of the teacher's special rockets. Mikayla is the first kid in her class to get to this point. Here she is in the background as the rocket is launching.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A(nother) Girl!

Today I had an ultrasound and got the due date narrowed down to May 3...Caleb's birthday.

We also found out that this baby is a girl!

The girls in the house are really excited. Mike is too. Caleb is not so sure. He was very certain that he wanted a "boy baby" so they could wrestle!

I am sure he will love her once she arrives.

Maddie is the most excited. She has been kissing my tummy all day and talking to her girl baby.

She said "Now I'm not the baby sister, I will have my own little baby sister!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!


We are glad it is here and looking forward to a full and blessed year. We have a few trips to California planned, a baby coming in the spring, and lots of growing and learning to look forward to as a family. Oh- and hopefully some more blogging :)