Monday, November 28, 2011

Cousin Tug Of War

Cambria and her cousin Jamin are 2 months apart.  
They are so fun to watch now that they are getting more interactive.

This little interchange was especially cute.
Keep your eyes on the portable wipes container.

"look what I have!"

"hey Jamin, check out my fun toy!"

Jamin decided to get in on the action.

Super fun!

(waving arms frantically)
"I want that back!!"



"Got it!"
(as her cousin flails himself backwards in frustration)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Insta week in review.
Here we go...

Best thing that happened to us?
{well, if we are being honest, it's more of a "me" than an "us"}
Family photos!!!

Here's Caity playing shy for Simone.

We got to attend Jamin's baby dedication.
So special.
{Great looking family hey?}

We had snow.
We cracked out the Christmas music!

Caity named this "Cheerio Soup".
{It's noodles, not Cheerios}

We got crafty!

The kids all love "electronics".
I have a rule, they can not play WII, go on the computer, itouch, ipad during school hours.
When school hours are over, if they are lucky and I have something I want to get done, this happens.

Sites we love:

Homemade legwarmers.
More about this later.

Homemade freehand embroidery.
More about this later too:)

The town is getting festive!

My almost-birthday-girl is happily getting the mail every day.
{when it's someone's birthday month, that person gets to get the mail every day}
Most days it's bills and ads but this day she got a letter!

Newest fashion accessory.
{you haven't heard? babies are the new trend.}
I guess that makes me a pioneer for this fashion style:)

Great news:
Macy's ships to Canada!
Not great news:
I was in Canada for American Thanksgiving.

Family Christmas crafts.
My personal bliss.

Caity bear took it upon herself to learn how to make a circle.

All on her own she did this whole page before I noticed her cute little self working away.
How precious is she?

Mess to some, creative genius to others.
Now that my girls are getting older, they seem to contribute to the mess.
We are all either really messy or super geniuses.

I dug this thread out of my grandma's old thread container.
19  cents? 
I'm thinking this was purchased a while ago.

It makes me happy to use this old thread.
It made me extremely happy to have found the thread I needed when I needed it.
So annoying to need something in the middle of a project.

That's what I have for now.
Off to make some more memories.
And document them.
So we can post them:)

Share your week's worth of phone-camera fun here...

life rearranged

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy Cool Homeschooled Kids

I have super cool kids!
You may think of homeschool kids as a little different.

Well I do agree, they ARE different!
They SO are.

They like to be with their parents!

They are excited to learn!

They are comfortable in their own skin!

They are confident!

They are self-motivated!

They enjoy playing with their siblings!

I am thankful for my crazy school of kids!

They like to play!

They love crafts!

Sometimes I get worked up thinking about what other people might think of us.
All those kids!?!

I'm not sure why I care but naturally those feelings come to the surface sometimes.
In these times I have to stop and look at my life.
The things that will last.
The things that matter.
When I look at "us" in those terms, everyone else seems weird:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby's First Snow

 Cambria was so cute in the snow today for the first time.

Look at her toothy little smile!

Not too cold!
She was kicking her feel with glee!

Help from big sister.
"Eat some snow Came-bee"

Tastes cold!

Caleb stepped in to show them how it's done.

Caity followed suit.

Catching snowflakes.

The kids pulled the sand toys out and had a blast with the snow.

Maddie made herself a chair with a cupholder:)

Cute little snow baby!!

Mikayla is on a roll with her blog.  
Don't forget to check it out!

We have family pictures tomorrow, I am SO excited!!
The blog will be getting a new header soon for sure:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Good Reason To Have Lots Of Kids...

Snow Removal goes very quickly:)

Check out Mikayla's NEW BLOG.
Her post from yesterday had me crying.