Sunday, June 7, 2009

Starting Her Young

Caitlyn is looking adorable in her hairbows and we are loving her in them!
My babies do not grow hair for over a year. With the other girls, I patiently waited for piggies to put bows in. With Mailee, I had to wait 3 years before she had enough hair! Well folks, this time I am not waiting. I've been on the other side, I know how short the bow wearing years really are. I am not wasting a moment!

If you are in need of hairbows, send me an email! I make them and sell them and I'd be glad to hook you up with some fabulous bows. Check out the BOWS HERE!


Grandpa Russ said...

Hairless babies with hairbows. . . ooooookaaaay. . .

Must be a mom thing?

That being said, I must agree that you manufacture really terrific hairbows & clips!

May want to try and stuff some in a corner of the van for your trip to CA - me thinks you've got some friends here who'd like them for their girls!


The Hayes Family said...

I love it! Personally, there is nothing cutier than a tiny baby with a darling bow. I love seeing Cait's precious little face. She has such big eyes. What a sweetie!

The Hayes Family said...

Oh yeah, love the new blog layout. Very hip and cool!