Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiny Tea

 All fancied up for her first tea party!

My girls had some friends over and they decided to have a tea party.  I grabbed the box labeled "tea party" out of the garage and we unpacked everything.  Then they all disappeared to get "dressed up".

Caleb jumped at the chance to be involved in the tea party.  
He even asked me to get out his "ring bearer suit". 

But the girls took so long to get ready he had finished his tea and changed into another "dress up" before any of them made it to the table!

Maddie and Teghan looked like perfect little ladies!

Mikayla and Makenna went with a little different look.

"no photos please"
This was all Mailee would give me.

And now: a series of photos of my small dolly at her first tea party...

Eating a little something and standing up in her high chair!

Cait's new trick...if she is not buckled, she likes to stand up and turn around in her chair to see what's going on behind her.
**Don't worry people, we buckle her most of the time and there is a "baby monitor" on duty when she's not buckled:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Hanging Out

 Here is Caleb counting his Rescue Heroes.

I'd better set the scene:
It is 6pm on Saturday night.
Mike is sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.
I am doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and making party invitations.
oh- and snapping these photos of the kidlers just hanging out...
My favorite thing about this set of photos is all the "real life" going on in the background.  
Our home is never quiet.
There is always lots of action!

Now Caleb is recounting the heroes because he put them in order by what kind of job they have.
"seventeen, nineteen, twenty,twenty two..."
Again: notice the background.

Now he is lining them up "better" because some of them were not right next to each other.

 Maddie is giving Cait-bear a ride in a tub.
She seemed to like it.
She has no choice in the matter really so I think she is learning to just roll with the punches:)

She is also learning what she can do to frustrate the kids.
Here she is coming in to destroy Caleb's hero lineup!
He looks happy about this, dontcha think?
{Notice: sock, arm hold, mischievous look }

And lastly, here's a photo of baby with her new front teeth!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics 2010

 So it's all about the Olympics here in Canada.  And for good reason, this country is very proud to be hosting the winter games right now!!
I must admit, I am kinda proud too!
{You know I did get a perfect score on my Canadian Citizenship test last month!}
 In honor of my Canadian pride I bought my kidlers some patriotic gear...

 Aren't they cute? 

And the girls bought some red mitts with their own money...

Mailee made a point to display both the front and the back;)

Mikayla is showing off the official Olympic patch on her arm...

This year the girls' school is putting on their own Olympics.  
I went to the opening ceremonies.
Here is what I saw...

A class full of cute kindys showing their Canadian pride!
(the whole school was split up into countries.  They made all the kindergartners Canadian)
Notice the torches?
Nice touch!

These are two of Mikayla's friends representing Brazil.  
Each country did a lap around the gym.
{notice the bows...on Grade 4 girls = AWESOME!}

The Kindys came in last with all their Canadian pride and their cute torches.

Happy Olympics to you!
Who will you cheer for?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Treats

The girls and I made some fun treats for their school valentines this year.  
I posted a little "how to" over on the sweets blog.

I love special days!
I love that my kids love them too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafty Kid

Caleb sat with me at "station time" in Maddie's kindy class. He got really into the craft and ended up making a really well done little love bug! He cut, he colored, he glued and he even used his own problem solving skills to get the brads through the paper to attach the wings. 9he poked a hole in the paper with a sharp pencil first- Why didn't I think of that?!?!)

We met his favorite buddy josiah at the library later that morning and Caleb was so proud to give his special creatin to his friend! I snapped a photo to document his first real project.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mikayla's Blog

Here's my sweet big girl with her baby sister.  Mikayla is growing too fast.  I feel like I may blink and she'll be gone.  I just noticed that she posted on her blog and thought I'd appeal to whomever might be reading mine...go check out her cute blog and leave her a little comment!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baking Playdate

This weekend Mailee and Maddie each got to invite a friend over.  
Here is Mailee with her friend Mikayla getting ready to do some baking.

Here's Maddie with her friend Aspen mixing up the dry ingredients.
This is Maddie's new "teeth out" smile.  
No comment.

The ladies sporting aprons and trying to decide who will crack the eggs.
The younger girls agreed that this was a job for the big girls.

Aren't these the cutest eggs ever?
A patinet brought them in to Mike.
He has so many sweet patients!

These colors make me happy. 
I am thinking about making twirl skirts for the girls out of the scraps from these aprons.

Caleb was assigned the job of "taste tester".
(mainly because the girls didn't want him helping)
He didn't mind his job.
He actually quite liked it.
Can you tell?

Finished product:
white icing 
light pink pearls
red sprinkles
white decorative sugar
hot pink decorative sugar


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caleb and Caitlyn and I went to "play school" today.  Cait is just along for the ride, Caleb is there for his first little introduction to school!  He is having a great time.  Today his friend Josiah came too.  Can you believe it, I have no photo of this event.  I apologize.  I will bring my camera next time:)

Other things going on in Banmanland...

*Mike got me a flight to go see Gretch!  Cait and I will be hanging out in Colorado for an entire 6 days!

*Mikayla has been going skiing with her school on Thursdays.  She is linking it. I never imagined ski lessons could be a part of a school curriculum!?!  I guess that's just the California girl coming out in me!

*Mailee and Maddie have been enjoying their shared room now that Mike got closet organizers in their closets and I put down two gorgeous fluffy hot pink rugs.  We unpacked all of the Pollys and Ponies and they are happy down there for hours!

*Mike has a big Extreme Makeover tomorrow.  I am so proud of him, he really is passionate about true health and helping people understand how to attain it.  The seminars that he does are not just about Chiropractic, they touch on all the toxins in our environment and our lifestyle as well. If you haven't been to one, you should!!

*I have been selling bows long distance, I set up Paypal and it has been great!

Projects on the go...

*planning Maddie's Hello Kitty party
*making hair flowers
*making bows, bows and more bows
*sewing giraffe stuffies
*making Valentine's for the girls' classes
*working on a greade 4 science project
*planning Cait's 1st birthday
*dreaming on Etsy
*sorting through the bins of girl clothes (when am I NOT doing this???)
*organizing the laundry room
* looking into pre school programs
*making royal icing hello kitties
*hulling out my closet now that nothing fits AGAIN
*editing some photos
*contemplating starting a new sewing project....

Wow, posting a photo is much easier.  I hope this didn't bore you to sleep!

Monday, February 1, 2010

9 months and counting...

Cait-Bear turned 9 months this past week...9 MONTHS!!

I can't stand it.
Where is the time going??

My little peanut did some hair bow modeling for me this are some of my favorites...

Oh the sweetness!!

This totally captures Cait....  
She is happy.
She is excited
...and she is CUTE!

(I also think I can see how much she loves me in this one..
...can you feel it too?)

Cait was not too happy with playing dress up in her big sister's room!

I still love the photo.
Look at that pout!