Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Time

Yesterday Mike and I left the kids at Grandma Bev's and went to a beautiful wedding. Mike's friend from Chiropractic college got married out at Copper River. We had a great time and the wedding was amazing!!
Fresno does not have many "views" really...this might be one of the best views in town. It's so nice with all the palm trees!

There we are!

The bride and groom. Her dress was so amazing!

The highlight of the night- hanging out with one of our favorite couples, Dave and Erin!
Dave married the couple. Crazy, seems like yesterday that we were two young couples just getting married. (we both got married the same summer, 10 years ago)
After the reception, we went back the their house to hang out. It was like no time had passed. So fun. Such special friends!

Well, almost all the kids stayed with Grandma. Caitlyn came with us. She was a good girl and got lots of attention. I hope she didn't steal the bride's thunder :)
(just kidding, the bride was stunning, all eyes were on her!)

Mike and Chris.

Cheers for now. I will try to upload more pics soon!!


Levecks said...

yes! her dress was amzing! wedding looked beautiful. you 2 looked cute.. caitlyn looks bigger already, and love that pic of dave and erin! Glad you guys are having a GREAT time already! You DESERVE it!

Obwald Family said...

the wedding was great but I definitley ditto colleen in that the best part was seeing friends!