Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Orchard Field Trip

Today we enjoyed our first filed trip.
We went to Davidson Orchards.
The kids loved it.

Here it is in pictures

Apple Pickin'.

Checking out the cold storage.

Tasting fresh apple juice.

Tractor ride with the little lady.

Kid pile.

Look at my sweet babies!

The kids and their cousins were in rare form, posing for all sorts of cute photos.

{Check out Caity}

Awesome Cousin Pyramid!

It was a really hot, beautiful, relaxing day at the orchard with the cousins.
FIrst field trip?  Check!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 5 Month Old Baby

Cambria is 5 months old!
She is such a happy, agreeable baby.
Her temperament is very pleasant and contented.
She reminds me of Mailee as a baby.

Swinging with Daddy

Little cutie!

Hanging out with her cousin Jamin.

Little cousin babies!

Baby feet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

This weekend was too fun.
Like unforgettable.
The girls got to go to their first concert!
The 11 year old little girl in me was squealing inside just as much as my girls!!

Super excited...making their way out of the hotel to go to the concert.

Can't wait!!!

The girls planned their outfits two weeks beforehand.
They used plain shirts that we had around the house.
I just provided the paint and fabric and sparkles.

Looking lovely and ready to go.

I loved how great their shirts turned out.
They had awesome ideas!


I love this girl!!!
You know Tam and family moved to Armstrong (1 hour away) in February so time together has become an even more cherished thing.

The ride into the city on the sky train.
To say the girls got a little attention would be an understatement. 

In our seats!!

The big frames were HD screens.
They moved all over at the back and played live views of Taylor along with other videos and pictures.
So cool!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I only brought my phone.  

"Speak Now"
Taylor is at the top in purple.

Girlfriend played so many different instruments including a rhinestone encrusted guitar, a banjo, this little ukulele, a turquoise guitar with koi fish on it, and a white sparkly grand piano.

 It was September 11 so she sang an Alan Jackson song as a tribute.
She had "Where were you when the world stopped turning?" written in sharpie on her left arm.

Full on ballet.

Look who we bumped into...Teacher Amber!!

"TAYLOR Swift's youngest FAN"
Cambri was a little angel baby all night.
Don't worry, I covered her ears when the teenie-boppers were screaming!!


Best moment of the evening...
Taylor, in a golden sparkly gown, floated over the crowd singing "Love Story".
She floated really close to us and the girls were all convinced that she waved right at them.

We have a movie of closely,you be the judge...
Oh and notice the golden confetti falling from the sky near the stage.
So pretty!!

If Taylor is coming to your area, I highly recommend you grab some tickets and take your daughters..or mother, or sisters, or was a magical evening.

The highlight for me?

Looking over at my girls and seeing the wonder in their eyes as they sang along.  They were mesmerized and so happy.  I know that it will be a night they remember for their entire lives.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Of School 2011

We started school today!
I have 4 school aged kids!

(stick with me...there's a video at at the end!!!)

Meet my students....

Caleb Michael
Loud, boisterous, clever, into puzzles and lego and baseball.

Maddie Faith
Can-do attitude, precise, math-minded, observant, loves animals and purple.

Mailee Joy
Careful, imaginative, sensitive, detail oriented, loves all things pretty and romantic.

Mikayla Grace
Organized, ambitious, responsible, intuitive, loves reading and quality time.

The classroom line-up!

We have a little sweetheart that will be doing preschool alongside the big kids.
Here she is!

Caity Hope
Confident, clever, determined, loves pink, potty training and reading stories.

Our kids with the Principal!

Teacher and her students.

The kids are obsessed with lockers.  This is something we do not have in our {home}school.  Today they were talking about a hilarious poem about a locker. (They saw this on Good Luck Charlie) They decided to act it out for their first day project.

Check it out.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun With The Obwalds

We had such a great time with the Obwald family when we were in Fresno.  We had so much fun on so many occasions that this topic deserves it's own post!

I went to elementary school with Dave and junior high and high school with Erin.  These friendships go way back and seem to get stronger with the years.
I loved spending time with this special family, letting our kids play together while we catch up.
Such great times.

Playing chicken in the pool.

The crew of kids.
Nine for now.
(Obwalds are adopting)

That's one full slide!

Summer nights in Fresno.
Nothing like it.

Kid table.

Underwater pics are so fun!
Here's Kirra.


An attempt at capturing the whole group underwater!

Look at all those little swimmers!

Dress up fun at Claire's.
Talk about blast from the past...
Check out these flip shades!!

The dressed up kids.

At the Farmer's Market.

Watching the clown tie balloons.

Cait loving Anutie Erin.

The boyz.

Some of the girlz.

The Obwalds just started My Father's World this year in their home school.  It is gonna be so fun to have that extra thing in common!!!  Notice their name is can click the link to see what they are up to.  Erin is super creative and she's always up to something fun!