Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Musical Moment

Little Caity discovered Grandma's piano last weekend.  She was so thrilled that she could make it make a sound with her own little finger!

"Can you hear that Mommy?"

How is this little girl getting so big so fast?  She can reach higher, object louder, understand more, walk longer, play better and interact sweeter.  She is such a pleasure to watch as she explores her world!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Caleb Busts A Move

I often forget how much the kids are changing and how even photos don't really show their growth when you aren't with them day to day.  Videos seem to show a more real picture of the different stages they are all going through.  I am kind of going through a video-taking phase myself:)  Here is the latest video.  If they bore you, that is fine, I won't be offended, just don't click play!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kelowna+ Summer+ Family=Perfection!

I love these gorgeous summer days with the lake surrounding us and so many awesome people to enjoy it with.  Here are the kids, their cousins, and their Great Grandparents. (Mike's Mom's Mom)  We had the pleasure of enjoying an evening by the water out in Peachland thanks to Rich and his Gam.

I do love Kelowna in the summertime.

Cute cousins Maddie and Jenaya.

My silly girls teasing me cause I take so many pictures!  Can you say "orthodontia"?  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time in the orthodontist's office.  For those of you who were around when myself OR Mike were younger, you know my kids come by their "not YET perfect teeth" honestly!!

Bear hugs for Grandma Crick

Caleb and his fun buddy Rich.  Here he is eating cracker jacks while waiting for his smores to be ready.  Yikes, it was a sugar fest "vacation meal" kind of a night!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mailee's 8 Year Old Words

Conversations with Maddie

Little Girls in Summer Sunshine

The sun was so warm yesterday and the colors in the air were so pretty so I had the girls throw on some summer dresses and we went for a little walk.

I was thrilled when they picked these gargantuan dandelions.  The things kids do on their own often make for the best captured moments!!  Anyways, I took a few pictures that I am really happy with.

Oh Caiters and her sucky fingers...what are we gonna do with her?

"just keep loving me Mommy"

Maddie's "real smile"  I have about 7 "forced smile" pictures before I got this one by tickling her!

Maddie and Mailee get along really well when Mikayla is at a sleepover:)  Funny how the dynamics change when one little person is removed from the bunch.

Awe!  This one might need to go on a wall in their room!

So similar yet completely unique.  Amazing how God can come up with so many different designs in the same family!

Yay!  I love this one!  I love that the little seeds are flying, the girls are both blowing and that Mads put her arm around Cait!

Here is Bear "blowing" her dandelion just like she saw her sissies doing:)

I love these middle girls of mine!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I want to be more like Cait.  She is always happy, always loving, she smiles at everyone and forgives instantly.  What a great way to live!

Newsflash: Super Dad Teaches Boy to Ride Bike

Yesterday was Father's Day.  I have a super Dad in my house!  Mike loves his family so much.  He is so giving and caring and fun!  I am really thankful to have such an awesome man to lead my family.

This week Mike taught Caleb to ride his bike.  Caleb was much easier to teach than the girls and he has not stopped asking to ride his bike since those training wheels came off!

look at the concentration! 

Oh yeah, he's rollin!

Here's a video of Caleb's riding...

"I did it! Can I have a drink of water?"
(Caleb is always thirsty)

We are so proud of our little boy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Beachy

This weekend we had a little fun at the beach.  We are all really glad to have some sun and warm weather!

Busy day a the beach?  Not really, that's just our kids taking up the whole shoreline:)

Cuteness comes easy for our little baby bear!  After a few hours at the beach, I had learned something new about Cait: she really likes the sticks.  Rocks and sand were appealing too but the sticks were her favorite.

We had a little fun with the camera.  Here is Maddie holding the sun in her hands!

Mailee holding the sun over her head!!

Mikayla giving the sunshine a little kiss.

A little sister love:)

Before the beach we watched Mads and Mikayla perform at the Fat Cat (a kid's festival).  Maddie is second from the left.

There's my serious little girl concentrating.

I should be up and running pretty soon.  School ends this week and then I should have less driving and more blogging to do!  Yay!

This is my first post made from my new MacbookPro!  Yippee, I love it so much!  It is so easy to use and all around fabulous.  Mike was nice enough to decide it was time for me to get my dream computer. What a guy!  I really like him and his really great ideas!

One of these days I'll have to tell you about my new "job" that I will be taking on this fall.  I'll give you a hint, it will require a lot less driving and a lot more time with my kidlets...  I am so excited but I can't type it all out tonight so stay tuned friends:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Week...a birthday.

Last week was my birthday.  It has come and gone but I had to post a few photos and just share what a fun night my sisters threw in my honor!  They made an amazing meal, ridiculous deserts and a cute theme.  They even included the kids. 

The kids all had cards with birds to go with the bird theme.  The cards had fun bird facts and also sweet little messages from the kids.

 Each kid took a turn reading their card.  I love this photo of Mailee and Caleb.  These two do not always get along so well but on this particular day, they were buddies:)

Chocolate cake with lots of layers of fudgy goodness...

 Home made oat fudge bars in a nest!

 As if two deserts was not enough, here is the third, isn't it beautiful?  Cheesecake.  YUM!

I felt loved and I enjoyed all of the little details that went into my cute party.

Thanks Girls!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Bow Contest

I keep saying I am too busy to make bows and I am going to take a break from my little side business Fig & Ruby Kids.  Really, I have been saying this for a few years now!  I am not sure why but I just can't stop making fun hair accessories!  I do know that whenever I come across a photo of a little girl (or a grown up girl for that matter) wearing one of my little pretties, I get excited and feel a sudden urge to plug in my glue gun. 

Can you tell your friends about Fig & Ruby Kids?  I have a page on Facebook and I am currently holding a contest.  Suggest my page to your friends and I will enter your name in a draw to win $10 Ruby Cash!  Let me know that you suggested the page by leaving me a comment here or on the wall of the page on Facebook.  If you want to take it further, you can earn 5 contest entries by writing a post about Fig & Ruby Kids on your blog.  Just be sure to let me know you did it so I can add your entries!

I am also adding your name for every photo that you email me of your kiddies in their bows/flowers.  I really love to see my creations in action.  Don't be shy, send as many as you have!

Thanks for your support!