Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Cambria?

I haven't shared how Cambria got her name yet.

It starts with the box we'd put ourselves in.
We are Mike and Colleen.
Our kids are Mikayla Grace, Mailee Joy, Maddie Faith, Caleb Michael and Caitlyn Hope...
For me, it was non-negotiable that this baby have a "C" name and a similar middle name if it was a girl.

Up until the week before she was born we thought we were going to name our mystery baby Camryn Mercy if it was a girl.  We had narrowed the boys names down to Conner, Caden or Cole  with Jacob as the middle name.  None of the names were feeling quite right.  I kept searching the "C" sections of baby name books.  I enjoyed hearing all the suggestions from friends on Facebook.  

I came across the name Camryn in one of my books and realised it means "crooked nose".  Not in one book, in all the books, online, on my baby name app...everywhere!  I just couldn't get past the meaning of the name and Camryn was suddenly out.

I came across the name Cambria on a website and I remembered an awesome family that we love down in California.  They have a little girl named Cambria and I always thought it was such a great name.  So pretty to say and a little bit different.

I asked Mike and he loved it too.

There is also a quaint and beautiful little town by the ocean in California called Cambria.

Love sounded so nice for a middle name.  Grace, Joy, Faith, Hope and Love...kind of completes things, dontcha think? 

We did decide while I was in labor that Connor Jacob would be our boy's name. Jacob is a family name just like Caleb's middle name is Michael.

And we say it "Came-bri-ah"  (like Cambridge).  It's a rule breaker, I know.  I'm okay with it, I hope you  can be too!

We really love her, she is a sweet little girl and her name is suiting her quite nicely.

Together, we have gotten to name 6 amazing little miracles.  
What a privilege!

Cambria's Third Week

I can't believe it has been over a week since THIS happened!
We are getting used to our new sweet little girl.

The kids aren't fighting over who gets to hold her as much but there is always someone willing to take her.  All the girls are able to get her to burp once I nurse her.

She is acquiring very large numbers of kisses daily.

She gets to try new things every day.
She has been around the block on a walk, snuggled up in each of the kids' beds, babysat for an hour by Grandma Crick, to multiple family functions, gotten to go in the shower with us and even made it out to the Farmer's Market this weekend.

She weighed in this week at 8 pounds, 4 ounces.
I am in love!

She's still learning how everything works this side of the womb but she is catching on really quickly:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap

Easter was awesome this year.     

We colored eggs with the cousins.

Caity loved it!

The kids were talking a lot this week about what Jesus did for us and how hard it must have been to die on a cross. 

Caleb was especially interested in discussing the nails going through His hands and feet.  

 I always find it frustrating to create a healthy balance between what the day is supposed to be about and all the "fun stuff" that the world focuses on.  As the kids get older, they are getting the full picture and that is exciting!

My Mom got Cait and Cambria matching froo-froo pink Easter dresses.  
They were so precious.
Not very practical for moving around or holding baby, but really really cute.

{check out baby's tights...her teensy legs are swimming in those so cute}

Cait really liked matching with "new baby".
She toted her purse around all morning.

My boys are such good sports.  
Mike did draw the line this year at "no pink" for him or Caleb.
Fair enough.
I'll take matching navy polos:)

In the morning before church I was quite proud of myself for having everyone ready in time.
I pushed the envelope by making them stand still for a photo.
Here they all are... 3 looking, 2 not so much.

After church the whole family came over.
Mike's Grandma made a spread and we enjoyed eating.
She has a gift for feeding people.
Does that sound silly?
She really does!!

After lunch the kids were chomping at the bit to get to the egg hunt.
The dads/ uncles hid the eggs.

We write names on the eggs so that everyone ends up with the same amount and all the same candy.
Its a bit of a process to prepare but Tam and I have fun doing it and it makes the hunt go really smoothly. 

  The big kids' eggs are hidden in crazy places...

And the little kids' eggs are a bit more obvious.

{I just have to say I love this picture of a real moment frozen in time...
Terri,Tammy, Meg and Bri taking a photo of themselves, Grams smiling at them, Matt watching Caiters hunt for eggs, Mike helping Cait with her bucket and holding her much great action!!}

Another great one.  Such a supportive family; check out Uncle Jay's face!

Cait and two of her Grandmas.

This right here is the money shot.
Check it out, 9 children all looking and all smiling! (Cambria is screaming but she's a newborn so I'm still counting her)

Oh- not to mention the fantastic matching going on!
(I kinda like that sort of thing:)

K this one is pretty cute too!
I love these kids and love how much they enjoy being together.
Pretty sure I've mentioned that once or twice.

Family picture!

The big girls and their buckets full of treats.
I made them each a headband or clip.
I guess Mailee didn't like wearing hers?

Buddies in matching duds.

It was a fun day!
I hope yours was too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cambria's Photo Shoot

Last week we took Cambria for a newborn photo shoot with Candice.

Remember when I tried to win a contest to get a shoot with Candice?  
Well Mike called her after I didn't win and booked a shoot.  
What a thoughtful guy he is!

All the kids got in a few of the photos and I think those are some of my faves.

Here's a little taste of the cuteness from the shoot...

This cute cute hat is a Nut & Satchi.
Love it!

My Dad requested a photo without a ya go Dad, just a teensy sweet baby:)
I love how she is all folded up!

Baby in the buggy.

Two profiles that I love.

There's something about a newborn in her Daddy's arms...they look so small and sweet!

I have ka-gillions more photos from this photo shoot, they are all sweet and cute and amazing.  How will I ever choose which ones to put on the wall??

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandma Goodness

We had an awesome visit with my mom "Grandma Bev".

She snuggled baby, read books, played Playmobil, conducted some school lessons, folded some laundry, helped throw Cait's birthday party and hung out at Chapters.

We were so sad to wake up this morning and not be able to dog pile her in her bed!

Being silly with Grandma.

 A new book for everyone.  
Thanks Grandma!

Big Sister/Little Sister matching outfits:)

Laughing with Grandma

I have so many fun photos to share, we celebrated Cait's birthday with a rubber ducky party and I got the photos from the newborn photo shoot with Candice!!

BUT is all about decorating eggs with the cousins!  Yahoo, so fun!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

6 Kids In A Video

Last week I took this little video of the kids.  For all the family/friends that live far away and don't get to see the everyday life with these kidlers, here a slice!!