Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and the Worshipping Sheep

Through Creator's, Mikayla got the opportunity to be a part of the Christmas Eve services at Trinity Church.  She had a fantastic time being a part of a big production.  They had 6 services in all along with many rehearsals.  She has had quite a few opportunities to dance outside the studio this year and she loves it! This one was great practice in front of a HUGE crowd:) Here are a few of the church's photographs...( couldn't resist posting these because they are great quality and I have been resorting to iphone pics so much these days!)

They were sheep and the song was "it's a baby" to the tune of "call me maybe".
SO cute.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Florida With Mikayla

On November first, Mike and I left our 5 youngest children with two of his sisters and boarded a plane with Mikayla for Orlando Florida.

First time alone with this girl since Mailee was born in 2001!

Mike had a Maximized Living conference in Orlando.  Mikayla got to see what it's all about first hand and meet a lot of cool people. 
We also made time for a little fun

All dolled up for dinner at Texas De Brazil.

Mike's Mom Linda is one of his CA's (Chiropractic Assistant) so she was in Orlando as well.

It was a lot of meat.
Like a lot a lot.

They brought her an early birthday cake.

Pictures of Disneyworld require few words.
It is such a fun place, so magical, and you can't help but smile your way through the day!
It was fun to go with our big girl and see her enjoy herself without feeling responsible for anyone younger than her:)

Lots of smiles this day.
Beautiful, carefree, happy smiles!

It was that fun

The castle in Disneyworld is Cinderella's.
{Sleeping Beauty's castle is in Disneyland}

We couldn't get over the mosaics in the castle.
I could have looked for hours!

Daddy's princess.

Such a fun day!
The last 4 times I have been to Disneyland, I have had a precious baby either in my belly or strapped to me in a carrier.  
I have loved it every time.
It sure was nice to spend the day relaxingly strolling and appreciating all the little details...without straining my back or my feet!

A night out for another amazing dinner at Maggiano's.

So hungry!

This was especially fun because of the group of chiropractors and CA's we were with!

Um, hello?
When did you grow up?!?!

All packed up and ready for the next leg of the journey!
{Mike was here too...he was usually doing something important while we were fooling around with the camera!}

Stay tuned for pics of the highlight of our trip, our visit to South America!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mailee Turns 11!

Mailee's birthday was awesome this year.
I love her.

Here are the birthday details.

Mailee went on a scavenger hunt to find her big gift....

Here she is getting a first look at her new bed and bedding!!
SHe was completely surprised!

Mikayla made a few pillows for Mailee out of some of Mailee's favourite old shirts.

She studied each pillow for quite a while.

Barbie pillow complete with tulle skirt!

Name pillow!

She was really happy with her hand made bedding and her new day bed (which Grandpa Don spray painted pink) has a trundle underneath that pops up to make a queen sized bed. Mikayla has slept over a few times already:)

Mailee got to invite a friend and her sisters and cousin for a night out on the town to celebrate.
She chose to make it a dress up affair. 

My dressed up girlies.

Some dressed up chaperones.

The ladies.

Mailee looked so pretty in her sparkly dress and curled hair.

The cake!

Sparkly candles to match the birthday girl.

What to eat, what to eat...

We were seated at a separate table.
{the cool table, right?}

I'm tellin you, they grow to fast!

A handmade pillow from Aunty Terri.

Mailee has great gift-opening expressions!

When did she grow up?!?!?

Mailee and Liberty.

Special friends.

Jenaya is such a sweet and wonderful cousin.

Lil sister/ roommate.

Big sister.


It was a JOY to celebrate my Mailee Joy!