Monday, June 8, 2009

Delivery...Watch Out!

Caleb has rediscovered his ride-on truck. He calls it his delivery truck. He rides around the house on it as his mode of transportation. Occasionally he delivers an item from one family member to another. More frequently he is chasing down a sister trying to run over her toes. Can you guess which sister he targets most often?
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Bev said...

I am guessing Mads...not quite so fast and a BIG reaction!

colleen banman said...

good guess mom...nice reasoning but that is not the sister.

Grandpa Russ said...

Dad's gonna guess Mailee, 'cause Mikayla probably wouldn't put up with it.


Christa said...

Who can blame the poor, outnumbered guy? :) BTW, like the new background!

colleen banman said...

you are correct Dad. It's Mailee he targets because he get's the biggest reaction out of her!