Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caleb's Birthday and Safety Village

Because we were in COlorado for Caleb's "real day", and we celebrated him royally while we were there, (ie. NBA finals game, Colorado Rockies game, BJ's for dinner, Focus on the Family party...) I combined his family celebration back home with a school field trip.

I remember this field trip with the big girls at school.
It was always a favourite.

Learning how to safely cross the street.

Getting the safety low-down from the safety guy!

More street crossing.
"Hey big girls, let's see if you can do it too...!?"

Nicely done!


Opening gifts with siblings, cousins, grandmas and aunties.
Caleb got a razor scooter.
And the Lego Millennium Falcon.
He was so excited!

**We now interrupt the regular scheduled program to bring you some serious cuteness***

Cambi and Jamin in the yellow car!
It's too much.
Too much I say.

Cambi's got the wheel and she's not afraid to use it people!

Along with a bunch of celebrations and some shiny new toys, Caleb's 6 year old self is in the process of getting a new smile!
We love our one and only man-child so much.
He is sweet and full of life.
He loves lego and the Wii and jumping on the trampoline.
He is happy to have his own room and the privilege of getting his Daddy all to himself more often than any of the other kids.

Such a special boy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caity's Big Girl Hair

I have been touched by the many of you who have recently asked about the blog, reminded me that they read the blog, or asked that I hurry up and post something on the blog.  Thank you for the encouragement!  Here we go...

Our life is busy.
Like crazy, 4 loads of laundry a day busy.
(That's my fabulous excuse for my lack of posts:)

The business is also something that makes me sad sometimes.
Especially when I think about my youngest kids.
So many of the special things that are fun to do with preschoolers get skipped or rushed though around here.
I don't want it to be that way.
I'd like to change it as a matter of fact.
But for now, it seems to be true and it makes me sad.

I have been trying to be more intentional about carving away little pockets of time to be alone with Cait doing what she wants.
The other day, she wanted a "big girl braid".

My pretty girl!
She's growing so fast.

Sweet profile.

It sure doesn't take much to fill a three year old's tank.
She wants me to read a story.
Same one.
Over and over.

Sometimes she wants 10 minutes in the swing at the park.
Me pushing, her laughing.

Such simple needs.

Why is it that the simple needs of a toddler are so hard to meet?
I am determined to figure out where I am bleeding time and patch that problem.

Don't you love this sweet, fine, still baby but almost big girl hair?
It is nearly impossible to work with, so slippery and fine.

This girl is such a doll.
I hope I always remember her at this age!