Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here We Are...Almost Cowboys!

One weekend  this August we rented this very large 15 passenger van {notice super-sized roof rack} and made the trip down to Southern Oregon for a wedding.  Not just any wedding but the wedding of Mike's favorite friend from Chiropractic school.  Nick's bride Bailey is a cowgirl through and through.  She lives on a ranch at the top of the world and she is a champion barrel racer.  Serious cowgirl!

We did our best to look the part.

Mikayla had it down with the boots.

Mailee had the right idea.  She even had lacey "puffed sleeves"...not quite a belt buckle but I think I saw something like that on CMT once.

Maddie went all out.  Perhaps hay-bailing is in her future?

K sorry, boots and buckles just didn't happen for Caleb.  Getting him to wear and keep clean a shirt with a collar and buttons was my personal victory with my son for the day!!  What a cute boy!  He is on the top of a large pile of hay bales.  I couldn't even reach his feet from where I stood below.

Oh our little cub{calf in country speak}!  I saw some teeny cowgirl boots at Target but decided on black mary janes which will most likely be better received on a day to day basis by the babe:)

Ya there is nothing country about us either, but don't we look happy?  

I can't wait to show the photos of the rest of this real-deal-hoedown-best-wedding-ever!!  Stay tuned:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's A Story...

It's true, it's true!  We decided to go for one more!  

Coming March 24th 2011...Baby Banman #6.  
Start thinking of good "C" names!!!

Yellow Ribbons

My brother Eric is in Afghanistan.  He started a BLOG to keep himself occupied on his time off.  The kids and I have enjoyed seeing photos of where he is.  Makes it more real when we pray for him!

Here is photo of him with his little boy Jakob before he left.  My cute nephew I haven't met yet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Week...A Trip To Oregon

We had a fast trip down to Oregon to celebrate the marriage of Mike's best friend from Chiropractic school.  I have lots of gorgeous pictures from the wedding.  I am having a hard time choosing which ones to post so in the meantime, here is a glimpse of the rest of our trip.

Our kiddos relaxing at the hotel.  We love Embassy Suites!

Caleb enjoyed eating some kind of sugar cereal the first morning at the hotel.  One sick tummy later and he decided to go with letting Daddy help him decide what he should eat for the rest of the trip:)

We met my Dad in Portland.  He had driven our new vehicle up from California.  We had a nice visit with him.  Thanks Dad!!!  This photo is taken somewhere along the Columbia river.

Here's the fam with the new ride.  It's a 9 seater.  Nice and roomy and super smooth to drive.  Thanks for the memories Goldie{old-van-that-died-at-night-on-the-side-of-the-highway-and-left-me-standed-alone-with-all-the-kids-for-4-hours} but we've moved on!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On A Mission

Hi Friends!  I am on a mission this week.  A mission to earn some fabulous new Jewellery.

Have you heard of Stella & Dot?

I love this stuff!

My friend Season is selling it and I am enamoured with every piece I have seen.   Season let me borrow the little number above for a recent wedding. (pics of that to come, I promise!!)  I loved wearing this necklace.  It is so unique!

This is the necklace that I am hoping to own soon.  Isn't it great?  

I need your help to achieve my goal...

You need some new jewellery, right?  
who doesn't?

Here is the link:

Go to the link, shop till you drop, enter 
COLLEEN BANMAN as your "hostess"
and I will be on my way to earning some fabulous Jewellery!!

If you are in Kelowna, I would love it if you came to my party.

It's Tuesday August 24th between 6:30-10pm.

Here are some more pics to get you in the mood...

The Colette necklace again, on my sister Terri.

Love this Sea Necklace!  Again, on my cute sister Terri.

Thanks in advance for your support for this very fun cause:)

Have a great day and I promise, more photos of kids and trips really soon!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Westport Was...Family!

"One Two Three Wee" with Grandma and Grandpa.

Snuggles with Grandma Bev!

Cousins, lots of cousins...

...even "second" cousins!!

There were afternoon strolls with sisters...

...a special friend who is like a sister:)

There were lots of moments to just relax and hang out and enjoy the good company.

Here is the crowd that went to Wesport this year.  It started with one family and has grown into a very large, very fun group of family and friends.

Can't wait for next year!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Westport Was...Kites

Caleb brought his airplane kite to play with at the beach.  
What a great idea he had, it was so windy and perfect kite conditions!

Caleb will interpret these photos...

"Oooh!  The kite went super high!  Look how far I let it out!"

Caleb: "The streamers are going fast!"

Caleb: "I am bringin' it in.  Dad's holding the string and I'm pullin' it."

Caleb: "See, I was pullin it in!"

Caleb: "See, I got it! That sand feeled really nice.  It landed right there and I got it."

More pics to come.  The kids are going to help me recount the vacation fun!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Eek!  I have fallen behind on blogging!  Here is my quick catch up...

Mike and I went to a lovely wedding here in Kelowna.  It was nice to get out on the town and have some grown up time!  A friend of mine loaned me 4 amazing dresses and a bunch of fabulous shoes to choose between.  It was so fun to play dress up with someone else's adorable stuff!

Can you tell we are having a lot of fun?  It was a great night.

Notice my fun jewellery?  I have a friend who sells Stella & Dot and she loaned me a bunch of fun stuff to wear.  It was smart on her part cause now I am hooked.  I want it all :)  I am having a party August 24 if you are interested, just email me!!

Enough about me, let's get to the kids!!

The girls begged me to do the Farmer's Market before our trip to Westport so they could make a little spending money.  We had our cutest set up yet if I do say so myself.  The girls are such fun company and they have created their own little company with lots of cute items for sale.

"Paisley" is their company name.  How cute is that!?!?  Maddie was so thrilled to finally get a chance to come to the Market with the big girls.  She was a great asset to their team.

I have much more to share; lots of photos from our trip to Westport, photos from our visit with Grandma Bev in Seattle, and a story about our scary experience alone on the side of a mountain highway. 

 I know, sounds exciting, right?  Stay tuned!!