Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dog House

We had a great time eating lunch at the Dog House Grill with grandpa and Lenore the other day. What a cool place! I had the best tri tip sandwich. We have added another "must go" restaurant to our list. Having fun with Grandpa

Raspberry Iced tea...YUM!!


Grandpa Russ said...

For those folk in other parts of the world who are wondering what the "tri-tip" sandwich is that Collen mentioned. . .

"Tri-tip" is VERY popular for BBQing here in the Central Valley of CA. The actual cut of beef is also known as a "Bottom Sirloin Butt", so it can be ordered from your favorite source.

On second thought - don't order it! Come to CA and try it for yourself!

slkcivil said...

Isn't Dog House Grill awesome?! Matt and I love it.

I'm finally getting around to blogs this week, yours looks great! :-)

Jen Johnson said...

We love Dog house grill too.