Monday, May 30, 2011

A Party For Me??

Today I was treated to an afternoon out for lunch with Mike.  We also went to the mall to get me a little something and to my favourite french pastry shop for a treat.  It was an awesome afternoon!

When we got home I was greeted by all the kids.  They threw a boa around my neck and a crown on my head.  Cait said "mommy's party" as we walked up the stairs to the whole family yelling "surprise!".

My girls pulled off the loveliest party.  Here are my favourite details...

Adorable cupcakes, made by Tammy an hour before the my kitchen, without notice.  She's amazing.

Cute place cards in glass slippers, fun color scheme, perfectly set table.

Grandma Bev was in cahoots with the girls, they collaborated for a few weeks.

My favourite things:

cheese sticks
boccocini salad
twix bars

Wow, I was amazed that my kids knew all this about me, remembered and made sure all those things were there!

The party planners and some lovely decor.

Beautiful presentation of some of the fixings for taco salad.

Present time!

The girls picked my outfit for my date with Mike...but they were thinking ahead to be sure I matched my party.
Wow, are they trained or what?!?!?

Grams won the game!!

Lovely party guests.

Reading a card with Cait.

I was really touched with all the work and planning that my kids did to make a special day for me.  They are so thoughtful.

I was also impressed with how much they accomplished to pull this event off.  They cleaned the house, they got the food ready {with a little aunty help}, they made cards and helped Caleb and Cait make cards too.  They were so cute and proud and excited today.  I am so so thankful for the fun and excitement that they bring to my life!

33 years old on May 31.
I have more than I ever dreamed.
I am blessed and thankful!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dance Show 2011

I'm still kinda riding high from the last two days.
My favourite event of the year is the Creator's dance recital.
I love watching my girls dance, I love helping backstage, I love the costumes, the music, the excitement...the photos!

Mikayla was the only girl who danced this year.
She loves it and this year I could see all the years of dancing are paying off.
When they are little it's so cute to just see them dressed up on the stage but now that she is older, their skill level, stage presence and confidence all come in to play

This is her jazz costume.
Love it!
The night before the dress rehearsal I made some flowers for the girls...I couldn't help myself.
I have issues.

The year we moved here from California I signed Mikayla up for baby ballet (3 year olds).  We met these girls and their moms at dance.  They were our first friends in Kelowna.  I treasured those one day per week dance classes, a chance for something social.  Here we are 7 years later, same girls, same moms.  {I should have gotten a photo of the moms!!}

This year Mikayla tried hip hop.

She's in the middle.
Fun to see her do something new.
Pretty sure she won't be doing it again.
We shall see.

"Parade Days"
So graceful.
I love that Mikayla likes ballet.
Choked up.
Moving on.

The whole class in their costumes.
Mik wasn't thrilled with this costume.
I thought they were fantastic.

Me and my dancer and my baby...
Cambria "helped" backstage.
She slept through the entire thing.
I can't wait till its her turn to dance!!

I am so proud of Mikayla!
The only thing missing from the show this year was Mailee and Maddie.
Hopefully next year there will be more Banmans in the show!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Insta- Friday

This week in random....

Me: "What's on your face Cait?"
Cait: "me my mah-ker"

That's my white girl in the middle.
Doing hip hop.

Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.
Makes me happy.

Maximum capacity.

Meeting Aunty Shelley for the first time.

Ice cream at Grandma Cricks.
Cait is still happy getting a tiny one.
I like those happy toddler days.

Walking to the park with Meghan.
{Uncle Brian's girl}

The mice that are leaving trails behind in my kitchen serve only one good purpose....
Their mess caused me to clean my pantry!
Isn't it pretty?

Found my sailor dress in the garage and put it on Caiters.

Possible vacation plans.
Info complied by Mikayla.

Me: "smile Cambria"
Baby: "I'll smile after you feed me"

Happy clean baby

Growing too fast.

67% of my kidlers.

Oh the sweetness.
When she falls asleep here,
I'm paralyzed.

Trusty yellow cardy.

"take one of me Mom!"

Mixing patterns?
For sure.
I say yes.  Look HERE

Real ballerinas have holes int heir tights.
Their $18 tights.
All the time.
And their mommies keep having to buy new ones...

Aftermath of craft time.

Spice cupboard was jealous of the state of the pantry so I had to share the love.
One day they will all be in uniform containers with pretty labels.

You got some random happy phone photos??
I wanna see!
Link up!

life rearranged

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea For Four

Impromptu tea parties are a regular occurrence at our house.

Here is one that sprang up last week when Lorien came to play...

Mailee's gloves
Maddie's boa
Caleb's cape

The lovely guest Lorien, dressed up like "a little girl".

Mailee plaing the part.

There had to be place cards.

Super pretty ones to be sure.
Notice the super long straw?
So random.
So fun.

And masks were a must as well.

Caleb stickered his own place card and found himself a suitable mask/sword in this peacock feather.

Perhaps the next time we have tea it will be with you!