Friday, February 27, 2009

This is Me

30.5 weeks pregnant.

Mikayla took this photo. I heard once that the best pictures of a woman are ones taken by her child, there's more love in her eyes or something? Anyways, I think she did a really good job. Cute to watch her get up on a chair and tilt the camera a little bit. So serious about everything she does!

Spartan Spirit!

The whole family went to Vancouver last weekend to cheer for Brian (Mike's brother) as his team played in the semi finals. It was so fun to get excited at a basketball game...reminded me of "back in the days" when I went to every high school basketball game as a cheerleader and screamed and jumped up and down for 2 hours every Friday night...except this time I was a little less agile, okay A LOT :)

Cheering Section
We took up the first two rows. It was very fun. Click on picture to see more from our trip!

Special Trip To Fresno

My best friend in the whole world is having her first baby. Our baby girls are due just 2 weeks apart! Mike got me a ticket to fly down by myself to Fresno and help throw Gretch a baby shower. It was an awesome weekend.

Click on the photo below to see all the pics from this trip, with descriptions!

Working on a 3rd generation of friends...Our moms were pregnant with us together in the spring 31 years ago!!

Reader's Digest

I am avoiding my computer chair- it hurts to sit here too the blog posts are not going to be very meaty for a few months (and realistically, with a new baby coming, it may be for a lot of months:)

I figure posting some photos and small descriptions are better than posting nothing! Let me get you up to speed with us....

First of all, here are my little Valentines!

Mikayla helped me make the treats for school.

Thanks Grandma Bev for our Valentine outfits!