Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Saturday...

...We had an awesome day in the sun!! We attended "Burst Training" at the Apple Bowl first. This is a service Mike offers to his patients. It is an awesome work out program that takes less than an hour. This was my first time working out since Caitlyn was born. It felt great but man, was I slow!! Please feel free to join us any Saturday at the Apple Bowl. Kids are welcome too!

We did it!

After Burst Training we went to City Park to show Court a piece of our awesome town. Regrettably, we didn't bring the kids' suits and I was feeling quite un-flexible and would not let them get wet in their clothes so they did not get to enjoy the water park. Maybe next weekend.

Loving the swings.

Loving the baby

Loving the Aunty

Come back soon Courtney!!!
(This is actually a great possibility because Court's aunt and uncle live here :)


Levecks said...

great pictures! way to go on working out! and love the one of cait and court in the park!

The Hayes Family said...

So fun! Good job on working out. I have gone on a few walks and have been exhausted after. Oh well..