Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garden Harvest 2011

10 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.
I'm in sweet tomato heaven!!

Caleb likes to help pick the goods.

The tomato plants grew wild and out of control while we were away in California!

Can you see the sunflower?  Caleb planted those seeds and they came up beautifully!

Everything is more appreciated when it comes from the garden.

So pretty!  
What an accomplishment.
Last year my tomato plant did nothing so I am really pleased to have had such success this year!!

Cait's Big Girl Bed

Caitlyn has made a perfect transition to her big girl bed.  
She was so excited to go to the mattress store and get her own mattress.  She laid down in her new bed the first night and went right to sleep.  
No issues.
No drama.
So not like a few of our other kids!

Proud girl in her big girl bed!

We bought this trundle bed when Mikayla and Mailee first shared a room.  
I love it.
It is an awesome "first bed" for a toddler...
No rails.
No falling out.

See how her hands are on her hips?
She does this when she knows I am taking her picture.
It's her pose:)

Better view of the pose!

We are so proud of our little Caiters.
She is successfully sleeping in her big girl bed and working on potty training.
It's hard to believe she is this big already!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Once again this is my somewhat delinquent Insta post.
I skipped last week.
Better late than never, yes?

Maddie made this collage.
Featuring her newly pierced ears.
Pic frame and pixlrotatic are our two favourite photo editing apps right now.

Cambria is getting so good with her hands.  
She especially loves the pink birdy hanging from her carseat.

Went for a playdate at Kingsley's house.
King has everything.
Cambri tried out all his fun apparatus!!

She weighed in at 13 pounds, 2 ounces.

Caity likes her nails painted.

Toast for a crowd.
Well just my kids actually.
That counts as a crowd.

Cambria rocked this outfit at the Farmer's Market.
When I say rocked I mean strait grinning from ear to ear, grabbing the attention of almost every person we passed.
Girlfriend got more compliments in a half hour than I've gotten in my whole life.
No exaggeration.
None at all.

Must be something about those giraffe leg warmers.
They are to die for.

And Caity rocked this little number.
Mikayla called her a gypsy clown.
I guess that sums this look up.

Mike put shelves in Maddie and Cait's closet.
Happy happy day.
It was out of hand, now it's beautiful!

This girl is so hilarious.

A little project with my cute nephew.

Can't wait to get this project finished and share the end results.
I have been loving my spray paint this week.

Came across this photo in an old frame.
Me and Mikayla.
Circa 2001.

My son!
Wow he has a lot of energy!
I love him.
He starts Kindergarten this year!!

This is Cambria.
She manages to be cute all day long.

More cuteness.

A little project I'm working on for Mike's office.
Again, spray paint is involved.

Some sewing was in order for a new baby gift.

Moe Insta/Picframe/pixl editing fun from Maddie.

I organized my jewellery.  
I have been hanging my necklaces on the towel rack for 4 years, waiting to make a cute frame jewellery organizer. 
I decided I couldn't wait any longer so the necklaces are temporarily pinned to the wall and the towel is happily hanging on the rack!

That's all I've got for now.
Thanks for sticking with me.
Keeping it real?
I have not been able to get back on top of the mess/laundry/meals/routine since we came back from California.  I think it's been 3 weeks now.  Seems we have somewhere to go or something to do almost every day and the days just fly by.  I would love to come up for air (translation have 2 days alone in my house with no kids to get things done with no interruptions) and feel ready to say, prepare for the school year that is rapidly approaching but assuming that won't happen, I would love to be gifted a few more hours to each day.  Assuming THAT won't happen, I need to breathe and have some grace for myself.

Let's see your Insta week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember Us?

Oh hello there!
We are still here, just finding a lot of ways to occupy our time and not a lot of opportunities to post about it.

Here's a photo of Cambria and her cousin Jamin.
He's 2 1/2 months
She's 4 1/2 months
They're too cute.

Thanks for not giving up on us, we are still around and I'm gonna step up the blog effort.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I kinda neglected Insta Friday for a month so now I'm gonna smoosh the month of July and a few weeks of August into one happy little {BIG} post!

You ready?

Here we go, Banmans from Kelowna to California and back again....

Dressing room at Ross.
Me, a cute dress and my 6 kids.

Made our mark on a Trader Joes.
Love what Mikayla wrote.

Cubling asleep on Grandma's couch.

Little lady in a hotel somewhere along the I-5.

Glorious Shasta hidden by the clouds.

Forever 21 Dressing room in Fresno.
Biggest XXI store on the West Coast.
Not my thing.

My bed in the hotel.

New earrings.
Exploring a new relationship with the color coral.
Never thought we could be friends but it turns out I was wrong.

Lego store in Portland.
Caleb remembered this store from last year and knew exactly where it was in the gigantic mall.

Out of my mouth as we passed this creek..."I'd love to stop there some day and walk on those rocks"
Mike takes the next exit and pulls off by the creek.
Reportedly one of the kids' favourite memories from our month long trip!

Me walking on the rocks with my coral {you can't tell from the pic} toes.

New love, my Anthropologie glass.
I need about 7 more to make my collection complete.
Now accepting donations in white or blue:)

Little shirt with baby's name on it.
Purchased in Cambria, CA.

Back home.
Feels good.

"current family favorite"

Swimming at Grandma Linda's pool.
Toddler buns are arguably one of the cutest things EVER!

Thunder and lightening scared my upstairs babies.
{Maddie and Cait and Caleb}
They all fell asleep in my bed.
Caleb likes his space but the girls were snuggled up like this.

New scooter bib=cute.
Organic blueberries and coconut milk for breakfast=healthy.

My garden which I left unattended for an entire month produced these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and the basil.
Caprese salad just about does me in.

New fab app.
This is my new "lock screen" pic.
I love these photos that Jamie took last November!

Cambria and Kingsley.
His Mommy owns and runs Living Green Kid Co.
My favourite consignment store ever.
The babies were jumparoo buddies in the store the other day.

New faucet.
Basically like getting a new kitchen.
Thank you Mike.
Love it.

Cambria Love

Freezing blueberries in very large quantities.

My first attempt at Borscht.

Thumbs up all around.
{Thanks to my Mother in Law who told me what to do and then told me again 12 hours later when I called for a pep talk...}
I love conquering new things!!

Getting crafty at 12 midnight.

Craft night results..
A fabric flower for my friend Jessie's birthday:)

Me today.

That's it, I'm caught up!

Now to get the rest of my vacation posts up...