Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sacramento Family and The Long Drive Home

I always enjoy being in Sacramento.  Both my Mom and my Dad's extended family live in that area.

Once we were done in San Luis Obispo, we made the drive.
I made the drive.
This is a huge deal.
I'm more of a rider than a driver when we go on trips.
Doing this drive without Mike was a new challenge for me and I am so proud to have accomplished it successfully.

Big drive!

I even filled the tank myself.
I sure do appreciate all my husband does for me!

We had an awesome visit with my Mom's side of the family.
There are so many little cousins now!!!

A few of the cousins my age.
Love this family!

After saying goodbye to one side of the family, we bought the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers for our next very special visit.

My grandma is 95.
Last year when we went for a visit, I was pretty certain it would be our last.
She was not well.
What a difference a year makes!
It was so great to see Grammie feeling so much better.
I treasure these visits so much.

Looking through all of Grammie's photo albums.
{mostly ones that we have made on Shutterfly.
The kids love seeing old pics of themselves!}

Grammie lined the kids up to see who was who and how old and tall they all were.

Such a special visit.

Wow it was hot in Sacramento!!!

We ended our night with a visit at my Aunt and Uncle's house.
Heres me and my cousin Kathryn looking at baby pics.
How cute!

An old favourite for the next leg of our drive...5 plus hours to Grant's Pass, OR.

My motley crew ready to hit the road!

We took full advantage of rest stops.

Ahh...I love moments like this!!!

We made it to our hotel in time to have a swim.
I was so thankful to have this big girl along to help with all the crazy swimmers!

Here they are!

On this trip Caity mastered swimming with floaties.
She had such a blast trying to keep up with the big kids.

More glorious sunshine!
So so warm and good.

I did a bit of braiding.

After their huge swim, the kidlers slept so well!
Look at these two snuggie bugs!

One yummy drink exception to get me thru the next 5 hours of the drive.
Wow, I still can't believe Mike does that whole drive.
I may need to step it up a bit and share the driving!!

A Beach Visit With Dear Friends

I am frantically trying to get ready for the new school year but in the back of my mind I know that once school begins, I will NEVER post pics from our vacation this summer.
Like never ever.
So I keep taking school prep breaks to upload trip pictures.
Sorry if my explanations are brief.

You don't really come here to hear me ramble anyways, right?

The kids and I all agreed unanimously that the top highlight of our trip was the two days we spent in San Luis Obispo visiting our sweet friends.
The Scattini family live in Shell beach now but I met Shannon years ago in Fresno.

I babysat her oldest daughter Jessica when I was in high school.
Five years later, Shannon and I had daughters just 6 months apart.
Mikayla and Claire attended the same preschool.
So cute!
Shannon hosted a beautiful baby shower for me when Maddie was born.
Mikayla and Claire are Instagram buddies.
You get the picture.
It was time to have a quality visit!!

Ahh! The beach!!
Love it.

Grows like a weed in California.

Me and Shannon at the Taco Temple!

Observing the oddness that is the elephant seals.
So strange.
So interesting.

We had to take Cambira to her town!!

Chillin at Moonstone Beach in Cambria.

At the Corner French Bakery in Cambria.

Pretty cool to have your name on a big pretty sign like this!!

Cambria didn't care too much this year but I bet she will someday!
{clearly I was quite thrilled about it!}

The town of Cambria is so quaint.
So many little cottages and picket fences.

We popped in to a little herb and flower garden.
It was whimsical and beautiful.

 Mikayla and Claire!
Claire was Mikayla's first "friend"
{Shannon and Claire came to visit when Mikayla was a newborn and Claire was 6 months old.
They gave me a pile of beautiful hand-me-downs.
Shannon was the only person I knew other than me with a baby.
I looked up to her a lot!}

In some of my memories from childhood there is a shell shop.
Oh California and your places that nowhere else can compare with.
This place was fantastic.
{sidenote; see Caleb in the background? Funny boy. He has no interest in playing along with the pictures anymore.
He still has a bit of patience for it but I have a feeling that will wain.}

Too cute.

Listening for the ocean.

So many to choose from!

Thousands, really.

Even expensive and rare ones.
Behind glass.
So cool!

How do you end a perfect day?
With a BBQ and a California sunset over the Pacific.

Caleb loved hanging out with Brent!

We saw whales and dolphins and otters.
It was epic.
Can I say that?
Cause it so was.

Mailee with a California glow!

Maddie took to skateboarding with a longboard.
She mastered it after a few tries.


Caleb loved it too.

Mailee and Cambri got creative.

Ok so did Caleb.

New friend!!

Sunset is my favourite.

Missing Mike in a family pic:(

Wow, great teamwork, look at all those jumpers!

Cutie pies.

So special to have friends to connect with when we travel!

Caleb and Brent went back to the house while us girls soaked in the last moments of light.
We had a great time.

I am so thankful for this sweet friendship and our memorable visit.
Thanks Scattini's, see you soon I hope!!