Monday, May 28, 2012

Denver Zoo and Two Generations of BFF's

Okay this post is really late but I have a fantastic excuse...
I wrote the entire post and went to publish it and my batter died...lost the entire thing.
Was too mad to start over...
Three weeks went by, a birthday, a dance show, a shower....
Now I'm ready for a re-do!

In Colorado, one of my absolute favourite memories was this day at the Denver Zoo with my kids, my life-long best friend Gretchen and her two little girls.

What a special day.
I can't fully describe it but having the priveledge of seeing who your childhood friend has become, getting to witness her as an awesome mom and amazingly saavy business woman, it was really wonderful.

My kids love the zoo.
We could have spent two days, full days, here.
Denver Zoo is AMAZING!!!

Aren't they getting big?!?!?

Zebra seemed to be posing for the picture.
Little cutie in stripes is Izzy, Gretch's youngest.

My girls thought Izzy was the cutest ever!

The scholars at Banman Academy have learned to read the signs.
While I was gabbing away trying to catch up on lost years with Gretch, my kids read and reported to us to look way up in the trees to see these hanging bird nests!
Ver cool.

Beautiful snow leopard.

What's not to love about the giraffes??

Litte Bree got in on the animal watching too!

Caity has really stretched out.
She is looking so big these days.

In the rainforest with our 4 little girls!

Action shot.

Beautiful sea life displays.

One of my big girls took all these pictures of underwater animals.

Hello not-puffed puffer fish!

Can you see Nemo??

Caity refused to be in this picture with a crocodile in the background.

The peacock was amazing.
Roaming free.

'I'm Three"

Two three year olds!

So sweet!


Lots of hand holding!

Can you see the bear?

Beautiful fur on this bear.
Wow, they are amazing animals!


The crew.
When did my girls get so big!?!?

The primate exhibit was a highlight.
A lot of the zoos that we have ben to in recent years do not have a primate exhibit.
This was a real treat!

Still holing hands.
A few times, they kept walking and talking with no regard for where the rest of us were.
They were in their own little friend world!

Caleb describing the monkey.

Classic.  Some things haven't changed in all these years!
Love her!

And now?
A second generation of BFF's!

Beautiful moment- mommy and Baby!

These guys are unreal!
Amazing and kinda scary to be so close!!

Disgruntled ape and cute little boy.

It was a wonderful day.
I wish we could do that more often.
We love you Hayes family!!

A Bridal Shower For Meghan

This weekend we celebrated my sister-in-law to be, Meghan.

Linda and Terri hosted the event to perfection. It was a gorgeous day, an adorable location (Lindon House), amazing food and of course, lovely company.

This place is so cute.  My girls can't stop talking about it.  If you need a place to hold an event, you must check this out.

The guest of honour!!

Meg hugged all her guests when she arrived. 
Not the polite "pat pat" side hug, but a full on "I love you" hug.
She's such a sweetie.
{P.S. adorable dress, right??}

This weekend was extremely busy with the dance show and then the shower but it worked out perfectly that my mom was able to be at both!
We love having Grandma Bev with us for special events AND everyday moments!

So many lovely ladies-in-training.
These girls are so helpful with the babies and a real joy to have along at parties these days.

My gracious Mom-by-marriage Linda went all out and created a really beautiful day to honour and celebrate our sweet Meg.
The girls in the family are quite happy with Brian's choice in a wife, she's the perfect fit for him and a really awesome addition to our family!

Beautiful fresh flowers in mason jars wrapped with lace.

Pretty sugar cookie favours.
Terri made a "sugar-free sugar cookie".
They turned out fantastic!

Adorable lemonade

Adorable caged cousins.

Good food and great company.
Great combo.

Meghan and her Mom and sister.


Highlight for Maddie; this dog.
She was obsessed.
Doggie didn't mind being held.
Poor girl wants a pet so badly.

Caty's turn with doggie.

Meg and her sisters/bridesmaids!
Looks like I need to start tanning.

Later that day Mom took us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

So nice to have my mommy here for this fun weekend.
I wish we weren't so far apart!!!