Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Times With Courtney

We all enjoyed having Courtney here. The kids all adore her, she played with them, she listened to them, she loved them. Court and I have so much history, having her here was such a comfort. She helped me tremendously with the kids, with the laundry, with a lot of cleaning and with preparing meals to freeze. We caught up on each other's lives, she consoled me and encouraged me.
I hope she will come again soon. In the meantime, we have some fun photos (taken in front of our favorite wall) to remember her visit by.

Wow, I look silly but the kids were so thrilled that I was willing to do it!
Caleb, on the other hand, was not so willing.

Nice air Court!

Court found that dress for me and I found that cardigan for her.
A successful day of shopping I would say!

Special friends! What a treasure this girl is.
Court-Thanks so much for coming and loving my family and helping me out!


The Hayes Family said...

I wish I could of been there with you girls! I am so happy that you had that special time together to love on each other. I love you girls!!

Levecks said...

seriously fun colors! you need to share with me where this wall is!

colleen banman said...

thanks ter! it's in the mission, on pandosy. we pass it everyday driving home after school. close to lakeview market :)