Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy School Girls

Yesterday was Maddie's Kindergarten orientation day. She was so proud and excited to finally "be in kindergarten" (she thinks she is does not start till September). Mads has "helped" in the kindergarten class for two full years when each of her sisters were in K so she is an old pro! It's hard to believe that in the fall I will have 3 school girls!

Maddie requested to be matching with Caitlyn.

While Maddie was in her orientation, Cait and I visited the other girls. Here she is with Mikayla and Hannah watching the grade 3's play T ball.

Mikayla coming in to home plate!

Mailee's class made a circle and all oohed and ahhed over her baby sister!

Proud moment for Mai Mai.

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Grandpa Russ said...


Isn't it amazing how kids will ooo and aaahhh over a baby?

Boys, of course, say "that's cool" then head off to do boy things.

Girls will gather round and ask lots of questions, want to hold baby, play with fingers & toes and so forth.

Whoever says our brains are NOT hardwired by Mother Nature for this type of behavior is nuts.

It's great to see the Banman girls really embracing their new little sister, truly heartwarming.

And the bottom pic of Mailee holding Caitlyn? She (Mailee) looks a lot like her mom did at that age!