Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School!!

Today was the first day of school. The girls were easy to wake up and thrilled to get ready and out the door. They looked so cute, all dressed up in their new duds. I love the first day of school!! The girls were happy with their teachers and glad to see old friends. The moms were all thrilled to see each other again after a few months. I feel like a big part of my social life goes on vacation when school is out!!

Here is the morning in pictures...

The traditional flagpole picture. When I was growing up, the tradition was to get a picture in front of the school sign on the first day. The only "school sign" KCS has is the one above the office door...can you see it? It's to the right of Mailee. So our tradition is to take this shot, in front of the flagpole with the sign in the background!

Mailee is in Miss. Hufnagel's class. Mikayla had this teacher last year. Aunty Shelley had this teacher 13 years ago. We love Miss Hufnagel. Mailee was happy to be in her class. When she got in the classroom, she noticed that the desks were not assigned. Mailee went right for the desk in the front row, right next to the teacher's desk. This is the exact same desk Mikayla chose last year!

Here's Mikayla's flagpole shot. She was not happy cause I made her take her sweater off for the picture. Mikayla has Mr. Sader whom she had in grade one. Mr. Sader is the teacher that turned Mikayla on to reading because of his "rocket reading club". She excelled then and she has big plans for a repeat performance!

Most of the girls Mikayla has known from kindergarten are not in her class but she was really excited to have Olivia in her class, a girl she knows from dance (sitting to Mik's left). Today was Olivia's first day at this school so I was glad to see Mikayla buddy up with her. I am not sure who the girl that Mikayla is talking to in this picture is, perhaps she is new, too??

My favorite picture of the day! Look how excited the little ones are for the big girls!


Allison Vasquez said...

It's fun to see girls wearing dresses on the first day of school. That's a tradition that I think is cute. So many little girls at our school never wear dresses at all. . . and I LOVE the knee socks!

colleen banman said...
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Anonymous said...

that girl is johanna.

Bev said...

Oh my! first day of school pictures bring back so many memories! I love how you documented the morning...lovely!

Grandpa Russ said...

Special times, special memories. . . 8^)