Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley

Today is Shelley's 21st birthday. (on the 21st of the month...this is called a "golden birthday", it only happens once in your life! )

Shelley is such a fun sister! She is always supportive and encouraging. She has been so helpful as an "auntie"...most memorably as our "nanny" for a few months when Caleb was brand new. She filled in all the gaps I could not quite accomplish and she was great company! I always love having Shell along on trips as she is so much fun to be with for both me and the kids. During the "So You Think You Can Dance" season, I cherished knowing that once a week I would get to have Shell all to myself, and I made sure there was taco salad available for her consumption! I love hearing about and seeing her artistic projects! I love walking in to the office to see her smiling face but more importantly to see what she is wearing:) I feel so thankful that Shell is in the office giving of her time and talents to bless Rhino Chiropractic! I don't quite understand how she does it but I admire her discipline with what she eats and her commitment to running. I know at this stage of Shelley's life there are lots of, husband, family, travel...but I am certain anything she does will be as fabulous, exciting and blessed as her life has been thus far!

Such a fun auntie!!

We went scootering around town to celebrate Shelley's Golden birthday!

Shell's happy Birthday Cheesecake "cake"

I love you Shelley! Happy 21st Birthday!


Bev said...

What a festive ocassion for a festive, beautiful girl!

Jones Family Five said...

Not to mention how ridiculously good looking she is!!
You did an amazing job with cake and decorations Colleen! It was a pleasure to be there and enjoy it all!

Matt & Terri said...

so many birthday to keep up on! Way to go!