Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Our girls are all settled in to school and now dance as well. This year the Banman ladies are in a cumulative total of 7 dance classes at Creators. I love the dance studio. It is a Christian studio where the dances, the music and the costumes for all ages are always respectable and tasteful. That is such a big deal to us because we live in a world where little girls grow up way too fast and the world's values are so, well, sad.
Today marked a big event in Maddie's life- she successfully completed her first dance class WITHOUT her mommy! Last year was a bit of a disaster, she only lasted two weeks but she is much bigger now and she was ready!!

She came up with this lovely pose on her own!!

Here is Mikayla in her grade 2 ballet class. She goes to school with 5 of these girls. Four of them have been dancing together for 5 years now! (I love that!)

This year Mikayla gets to have a navy bodysuit...and the ballet class is much more intense than it has been.

Mikayla and Mailee are in tap together again.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get photos of Mailee's ballet or the girls in jazz because Mike took them to those classes last Friday. (I was thankful that he was helping out with the driving...I chose not to push it by asking for photos:)


Bev said...

I am so proud of my Maddie Faith for overcoming her fear! Three litle dancers! So fun!

The Denis Family said...

Those are great you mind sendind me the two with the big girls...Thanks!