Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maddie's First Loose Tooth

Maddie is only 4 1/2 so for the past few weeks when she was complaining that her tooth hurt, I was worried she had a cavity...it did not even cross my mind that one my baby girl's teeth could already be loose!!! Yesterday she was in a panic as she showed me her tooth. I was relieved and shocked to discover a little bottom tooth that was hanging by a thread!

Today Mike assisted Maddie with her very loose tooth...


I can not believe how much losing a first tooth makes a child's face look so much more grown up!!


The Denis Family said...

wow...very exciting. Maddie you were so brave!

Bev said...

Madison Faith...guess what...this is the first time I got to see a grandchild's tooth come out! You were very grown up to let Daddy help your little old tooth come out! I wonder what the tooth fairy will leave you? Good Job!

whereyouleadme said...

wow Maddie that tooth really was loose..you just showed that to me yesterday and today you are toothless!!! You are a brave warrior..remember you used those words yesterday when you were watching AIR BUD but i forget who you were talking about! Who was IT?
I hope you remember and can tell me.