Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Friends

Mikayla and Mailee agreed to wear these outfits together today. I thought the matching days were behind us so this was so fun for me! I am so thankful that my girls love each other. Their personalities could not be more different yet they get along really well (most of the time:) and they are always there for each other. When Mailee was born I remember feeling so thrilled that Mikayla had a sister...the one thing I did not have as a child! These two special girls are a pure joy for me as I watch their relationship grow!


This looks quite dangerous but it is not, I assure you! See the crossing guard to the right?

Aren't the girls so cute walking to school together? Mikayla used to run ahead and leave Mailee in the dust but now they walk together.


The Hayes Family said...

So cute! I know you never had a sister to match with, but we pulled out a few matching outfits over the years! It didn't stop the matching fun.

Anonymous said...

And you liked that??? Wow!!!!!!

Grandpa Russ said...

Each one of your children are special in so many ways. Cherish these days, they go by so quickly.

You and Mike are truly blessed!


PS to Mikayla: I know sometimes you don't like to get your picture taken, but remember, for Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Eric and other family members that aren't close you all the time, each photo is very special for us. Love, Grandpa