Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home Alone

Mike took the kids to Vancouver for the weekend to watch his brother play basketball. I stayed behind because I had a few cake orders and a wedding set up (for Stage Right). Staying behind and having the house to myself turned out to be just what I needed to reestablish some order around here! I was so productive.

Along with all the normal "housekeeping" duties I *eh hem* do regularly, I moved around the living room furniture, I scrubbed the walls and baseboards, I switched up the decor and I printed out lovely chore charts for the new school year!

Right now I am enjoying a spotless house, listening to Chris Tomlin and, best of all, anxiously awaiting the return of my precious family!

Here is my happy kitchen, cupboards free of all fingerprints, counter tops clear of any miscellaneous items...ah, so lovely!!

I am off to organize Mikayla and Mailee's room so they have a fresh start for school! Mike just called, the troops will be home in 4 hours...gotta get hoppin'!

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Anonymous said...

wow is that our house?