Thursday, September 11, 2008

Becoming Functional!

This morning I looked out my window (the one I can look out from my computer desk- how nice!) and I saw Caleb and Maddie enjoying their snack while sitting on the bench!

Mike is not finished with the fence yet, or the bench but it was great to see the potential already! How awesome to have a bench seat out there! We opted for not making the seat closed in storage to avoid mold issues.

Next weekend is the big deck unveiling as we are hosting a birthday celebration for Shelley and IF the weather cooperates, we are planning to spend the evening on the deck!

For the record, this whole deck/fence building experience has cancelled out anything I might have thought in the past about Mike's handyman capabilities! He is awesome:)


The Hayes Family said...

Nice work, Mike!

whereyouleadme said...

that is an awesome deck..he's becoming mr do-it-all the second!!!

way to go Mike..what a great place to catch the sunshine.