Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School and my Lil Guy

Tonight was "back to school night" .... the kids have great teachers and I am so thankful for the school and the staff and all the awesome friends they (and we) have through KCS. This year one of the goals of the school is to take the Christian values they are learning in the classroom (through memory verses, chapel and their Bible curriculum) and help them apply those to their "free time" on the playground...I love that my kids are learning the academic stuff and being filled with God's truths everyday! I love that SCHOOL is helping to equip them for making awesome choices in life, not just making "moral" choices but building Christ-like character. So awesome! I am so thankful!
Anyways, it's been all about the big girls lately, so here is some small guy cuteness....
Aw, isn't he so sweet?

kisses in the park

Wow- he is learning to kick- what a guy!

Now if only we could perfect the potty training....

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Roo said...

your kids are sooooo adorable! love your blog. it's beautiful! :)