Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Lateness..But We Won't Focus On That...

My wonderful mother-in-law Linda had a birthday too. I am the worst at acknowledging birthdays unless it involves me making a cake!! Well I have lots of great things to say about this special lady so enough with the excuses, we're moving forward!!

Linda is a hands-on Grandma! She gets right in there with the kids and PLAYS!!

When Mailee was born, Linda was there to experience the birth and help out for a few weeks. It was a great time in our relationship to get to know each other one on one! I felt showered with Linda's gifts and talents in the areas of servant hood and food preparation extraordinaire! She really knows how to work hard and do the exact things that need to be done. I really admire these qualities. And everything she makes (to eat) tastes incredible:)

My wonderful, fun-loving, family oriented in-laws. (This is a great picture, hey?)

I am so thankful for the way that Linda (and Don) raised their 5 incredible kids and that I am the girl who God has chosen to bestow the gift of these amazing siblings and husband!! What a fantastic family to be a part of!

Linda's creativity blesses us in surprising ways. Here are all the kids dressed up as Santa's at our family Christmas last year. This was Mom's idea. She put us in groups each group had one child and we had to deck them out like was hilarious, fun and an awesome memory.

One of the biggest strengths that Linda brings to our family is her passion for Christ and her commitment to pray! I love this picture. Again, what a blessing to be a part of a family who believes that God's Word and the promises in it are true...a family that can pray together and support each other through the challenges and changes of life. Thank you Mom for your indispensable role in this family and for the precious person that you have become to me over the last 10 years:)

Happy Birthday (late...of course but we won't focus on that:)


whereyouleadme said...

okay so i'm in tears!!!

thank you COLLEEN FOR the beautiful gift of affirmation. I don't care how late it is ..i'll take it anytime! It's great to be reminded of those memories and the blessngs of them and how we each play a part in one another's lives...everyone of us when we serve each other in ways God has enabled us to do that...and i even liked most of those that's a miracle in itself!
a little undaunting to know i'm published but hey i always dreamed of becoming's no place like banmanland to do justthat!
thankyou thankyou thankyou my heart has been encouraged today by your are such a creative, gifted, sensitive, caring mother, wife , daughter and friend and i've learned a lot from you. You bless my life..hugs and love

whereyouleadme said...

oh and by the way .I LOVE YOUR CAKES!!! they get more amazing and more well known each time you make one( I keep getting "AMAZING" for feedback from people out there..they make me feel warm and fuzzy..remember that book?
I wasn't thinking when i was asked about favorite desserts for my birthday..i've just never been a cake lover but i think i could be swayed with a lemon/ chocolate or banana/chocolate cake's that for some new creations???? or maybe they've already been in the oven! there's always next year or a "just because" cake..a whole new business line..xo

Anonymous said...

hi..i don't comment often but i must say "amen" to all these wonderful accolades about my wonderful friend Linda..i am blessed to call you my precious marge a.