Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen...

Does a birthday wish still count if it is a few days late? SHOOT! Well I still want to post a birthday wish to one of my best friends- Jen!

Here she is with her new little girl, Tanner! I love this photo!

Here we all are this spring, when we celebrated our 30th year together in Fresno.

Jen and I met the first day of high school, two scared girls sitting on the bleachers together for lunch!! We went through cheer, some wild times, a few dramatically sad(at the time) boyfriend issues, a few car accidents, working together at paper fantasy, tennis in junior college, she rode with me to TWU when I went away to college, we've stood up for each other in our weddings, and now we are "aunties" to eachother's kiddos! I am so thankful for email which can be such a comfort when the people you are closest to live far away!
Love you Jen! Happy birthday!!


P said...

Thats a sweet post! Happy Birthday Jen!

Grandpa Russ said...

Jennifer is such a sweet person, always has been. I'm glad you two have remained close friends all these years, along with Gretchen, Courtney and Erin. Such a special bond between you all, cherish it.


Jen Johnson said...

Thanks Colleen, of course it counts!! IT always counts. Thank you for the birthday wish! Love you, Jen