Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sungglers

Last night I couldn't hear Cait.
Which is unusual.
She is always talking.

I went on a little bear hunt and this is what I found...

Maddie and Cait snuggled up in their room.

Maddie is reading Biscuit Wins a Prize to Cait.

Cait is playing with her sissy's hair.
I love how my kids love each other!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathroom Redo

We haven't finished the job but I thought I'd post a little taste of the new color scheme in the main bathroom.  I am excited, it is so fresh!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

And Now We Have It All!

The girls and I went out on the town this afternoon to pick up a few last minute essentials.

We got:

- soothers {one pink, one yellow and green}
- newborn diapers
- nursing pads
- a fishnet {it's a waterbirth thing}

I have made a bunch of loaves of bread, there is cooked chicken in the freezer, we have boiled potatoes waiting to be cooked or put in soups, and lots of soup broth ready to go.  The pantry is stocked and so is the fridge.  Laundry is {for today} caught up.

I think we officially have it all!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Painted Ladies

 K so I was looking through photos trying to delete the excess and I came across tons of photos of my girls' nails.  Apparently we enjoy painting nails around here and documenting it.

Here are some of my faves...

Summer flowers for Maddie.

 Flowers on a french manicure with a sparkly clear coat for Mailee.

 Check out the detail:)

 St. Patrick's Day for Mikayla.

 Complete with rainbows!

 Pots of gold and shamrocks too.

 Zebra stripes for Mikayla.

And some tiny nail cuteness...

Cait's little hands, so precious!

Double fisting her lunch:)

Still waiting for baby.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 Baby Bumps

Although I am looking forward to meeting this new baby, I am also thinking about how precious pregnancy is.  How fast we forget what it feels like to have a little foot sticking out, how exciting it is to realize that first flutter is actually a new life and how incredible it is to grow a baby in your belly!

I was just looking back at all my pregnancies.

9 months x 6 babies
54 months.
{4 1/2 years}

Pumpkin sitting on Mikayla
36 weeks

 Mikayla sitting on Mailee
36 weeks

Mailee sitting on Maddie
36 weeks
{she was 9.3, I was huge and so was she}

Maddie sitting on Caleb
36 weeks

 Maddie sitting on Cait 
{not sure what happened to the pic with Caleb sitting on baby??}
36 weeks

Caitlyn sitting on baby C
38 weeks

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sister Act

Mike has three sisters.
I grew up with none.
When I married Mike I gained more than just a great man.
I got a pile of fantastic sisters.

Tammy and I have been pregnant at the same time but I was in California and she was in Canada.
I love that our kids are close in age and proximity and their relationships with each other are really precious.  I love being a mom with Tam, I trust her completely with my kids and she is my biggest ally and confidant on the parenting front.

I am so excited to now be pregnant with Terri.
Our babies will likely be only 1-2 months apart!
Terri was a teenager when she came for the summer to nanny for us when Maddie was born.
I love how our relationship has grown over the years as we have gained more things in common.
It's cool how an age gap can disappear as you get older!
I am so excited to enjoy the journey of motherhood alongside her!

Today we got some pics before I lose my last {that's right, I said it...LAST} baby bump.

Thanks Mailee Joy for the photos!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

More Getting Ready

We got a Baby Bjorn from the consignment store  last week.  In my opinion a Baby Bjorn carrier is an essential baby gear item for the first 6 months.

The kids have been getting quite a bit of enjoyment out of the carrier!

Maddie informed me she was "practicing for the baby" as she was climbing up on a chair unaware that she was also whacking the pig's head on the counter.
{I made a mental note }

Cait looked so funny:)

Mailee informed me she would be able to hold two babies at once!

A package came from my Dad in California...

Uncle Harry's Pesto bagels!
{I have managed to have my favourite sandwich as a little reward to myself after every birth.  The pesto bagel that is only sold in Fresno is a key component}
Call me a princess.
Maybe I am.
For a day or two after giving birth I think that's allowed:)

Caity has been practicing the rocking technique with her baby doll.

So exciting!

All we need is a name and we are good to go!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Preparations

 I am feeling really ready physically to have this baby.  I can tell it will happen pretty soon.  We have kicked into high gear with the baby preparations.

Last night the boys went to a hockey game and the girls and I sewed a bunch of baby blankets.  I consider this an awesome benefit to homeschooling.  I taught them a new skill even though it was Saturday night!  We had Justin Beiber cranked in the background and it was an awesome evening together.  I am so so lucky to have so many daughters!!!

A little teamwork.

 Mikayla's finished product!
She also made one with chickens.

 Mailee's finished product.
She also made one with strawberries that turned out really cute.

 Maddie's finished product.
Mads went with a girly blanket, all the girls are hoping for another sister so this is the "just in case" pink option:)

 A pile of cuteness.

Loving these barnyard animals:)

 Remember my corner of our room?
It is clear and now home to a cradle!

This was the other messy corner of our room.
Now it is the temporary home to a birth tub.

 A little pile of neutral newborn things.

So exciting!!
We will be sure to let you all know when we have baby news.
Still accepting C names, if you have any suggestions:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day Party 2011

I'm Irish.
Not just a little Irish.
My name is Colleen Erin.
My Grandma came over from the Emerald Isle on a boat in the 40's to marry her American soldier.
When I was 13 my family travelled to Ireland to meet all the Irish relatives.
I come by my "thing" for St. Patrick's Day honestly:)

This year we hosted a little party.
Here are some of our favourite elements...

I got the idea for these cute little guys HERE.

We painted rocks gold and hid them all over the house for the younger kids.
We told them that the leprechaun left gold behind.

We made a trap the night before.

We left a little gold at the top for the greedy little fella.

It worked!  Look who was stuck in the trap in the morning!!
My younger kids, Caleb especially, were so excited about this!

felt, pipe cleaners, wooden bead, orange embroidery thread, google eyes, puff paint and hot glue.

We made cute rainbows using the edge of our hands.

Of course we had fun nails.

We made bean bags.

We played hot potato and a few other games.
felt, puff paint, dry beans

Paintings doubled as place mats:)

Mason jars got belted.
(with paper and secured with hot glue...which popped off nicely when the party was over)

Green smoothies!!

peeled apples

Irish Soda Bread
A tradition in my family.

Potato Leek Soup
(eaten with green spoons:)

Lucky charms squares.
I got the recipe HERE but I opted for chocolate Lucky Charms.
So not normal fare around here.
This was a super big treat!!

Gold loonies left behind by the leprechaun:)
Little cone shaped baskets to collect the "gold" hidden around the house.

The party people in their green!

This was such a fun party!
The kids won't be forgetting about Mr. leprechaun anytime soon.
He will be a tradition for sure!