Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maddie's Purple Party

 Maddie is 7, I can't believe it!  When we were picking a party theme this year, Maddie couldn't decide.  We went from rainbow party to bowling party to spa party...nothing was sticking.  One thing I know about my Maddie is she loves purple.  When I suggested a purple party, she was thrilled!

Here's some of the fun.  I will post the rest of the party details over on the Fig & Ruby blog.

Mads with her cake.  She really wanted a dolly for the top.  She told me "I know you are busy so it's okay if you can't do it but I really like those dolls you can make"

How do I NOT do it after she so sweetly said that???  Two nights before the party, I got her done.  Maddie can't wait to put her on a special shelf in her room:)

Caity in her purple dress...this is probably her 3rd or 4th bunch of grapes.  She was *just* tall enough to reach the grape bowl and she was going for it!  Funny thing is, she also had purple peeps in her reach but she didn't know what those were so she didn't touch them!!

Mailee and Mikayla were awesome helpers.  They did purple eyeshadow, purple nails, they helped the girls make friendship pins and ran most of the games.  I love having so many "mini-me's" around on party days! {now I just need to teach them to enjoy the clean-up part of my job}

All of Maddie's friends did an excellent job of wearing their purple!!

This was a quiet group of girls.  They were also very willing to sit for a few photos.
Such sweeties!

Playing "The Straw Game"

We made this one up this morning before the party.  I found the amazing purple straws in a package of 20 for $1.68 at the dollar store.  I had to get them but had no use for them.  The family put our heads together and came up with this game that ended up to be a huge hit! {I love when that happens!}

Each girl had a paper cup full of water and a glass jar that was empty.  They had 2 minutes to use their straws to transfer as much water as they could from the paper cup to the glass jar.

We lined them all up to see who's jar was the most full.  I think they would have played this a few more times had I let them!

But we had snacks to enjoy.
And pretty paper straws to sip Limeade out of.

And a rousing game of Musical Chairs to play!

And a birthday song to sing!!

I think Maddie had a great time.  She had all her favourite friends here, her family and her favourite color. What more could a girl want?

I am tired.  I tend to over-do it when it comes to parties.  
Okay, that might be an understatement.
I really like to go all out.
It's so fun.
I love seeing my birthday kid's face when she runs out into the living room on party day to see the decorations for the first time.
I love that they know to go peek in the fridge if they want to see their cake.
I love how excited they are when their friends arrive.
I have put a cap of 10 years old on the party days. 
I hope that celebrating in a big way when they are little will create special memories but I also want to teach my family to find joy in the small things, in little gestures that can show a lot of love.
Still working on the details of that concept:)

In the meantime, the party is done and the mommy is tired!


Bev said...

Beautiful! Maddie looks very happy in all of her purple fun! Love the cake!!

Obwald Family said...

super cute! she is looking so grown up

Susan said...

You never cease to amaze me Colleen! The party looks so great and I suddenly want cake:)
I've been wanting to let you know that we are homeschoolers now too!

Jenny said...

gorgeous party! Thanks for sharing. You do such an amazing job, I think your kids will remember these days for the rest of their lives. i agree that it is these expressions of love that stick with them and make them who they are. Love it.
You are my party inspiration.

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