Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Bump Photos Taken By Mailee

This morning we took a walk and we still had the gorgeous, huge purple balloons from Maddie's party so we took them along.  Mailee asked if she could do a photo shoot and I agreed.  She is quite the photographer.  Here are a few of my favourite images all captured by my 9 year old...

Cait was so proud to hold the big balloons!


I have gotten a photo of each of my toddlers sitting "on the baby".  The kids love these photos and Mailee wanted to take some of Cait sitting on the new baby!


The balloons were fascinating our little bear:)

She was so proud to get to hold the balloons all my herself!

Mailee was crouching down for this one, getting the grasses in the photo.  She was loving using her creativity with the camera.

I never really realized that Mailee enjoys taking photos.  She had a confidence that I haven't seen before.  There is so much I don't know about my kids!  She was so excited and so proud to look through all her pics.  Even being home with a kid every day does not guarantee that all of her needs, talents, dreams and hopes will be identified and fulfilled. 

Today reminded me to slow down and pay attention.  

You never know what kind of treasures are hiding in your own home!


Bev said...

Oh my! These photos are beautiful! Mail has a special eye!

Grandpa Russ said...

Was she using the good camera, or a simple "point 'n shoot?"

Either way, great photos!


Levecks said...

WOW!!!they all look great! i really like the 3rd and 4th tho!
i think i may need her to come take some shots of my progress!!
great job Mailers!

Eric & Sarah said...

I like the 6th one the best. The grass gives the picture some tension, but doesn't distract from the subject (you and Maddie). I like how the grass pulls to the left, and the mountains pull to the right. All of them are great for a 9 year old, but #6 is a really nice shot for anybody!