Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sister Act

Mike has three sisters.
I grew up with none.
When I married Mike I gained more than just a great man.
I got a pile of fantastic sisters.

Tammy and I have been pregnant at the same time but I was in California and she was in Canada.
I love that our kids are close in age and proximity and their relationships with each other are really precious.  I love being a mom with Tam, I trust her completely with my kids and she is my biggest ally and confidant on the parenting front.

I am so excited to now be pregnant with Terri.
Our babies will likely be only 1-2 months apart!
Terri was a teenager when she came for the summer to nanny for us when Maddie was born.
I love how our relationship has grown over the years as we have gained more things in common.
It's cool how an age gap can disappear as you get older!
I am so excited to enjoy the journey of motherhood alongside her!

Today we got some pics before I lose my last {that's right, I said it...LAST} baby bump.

Thanks Mailee Joy for the photos!!


Jenny said...

gorgeous photos.

Jones Family said...

You two are precious together! Love how God works out the details, all in His perfect timing- cousins close in age, sister experiencing the miracle of life together.. priceless! I'm so happy for you!!
p.s Great job on the photos Mailee!

Deb D-P said...

I love tea parties!

Jen Johnson said...

These are awesome. I think Maddie has her mommy's talent.

Bev said...

You sisters look awesome! Such sweet photos! You children will love looking at them in a couple of years!

Lisa B said...

i looololloooove this Colleen!!!

Fairytale Pumpkin said...

I think your little girl has found a gift. What a great photographer! I love the picture of just your bellies, with your hand on hers. Sweet.