Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Winterized Romper

After Cait winterized her romper last week, Mikayla decided to show baby sister how it's done in tweenland.

The sun was out today and Mike just bought me a new lens so I was super excited to get outside with a willing subject and take some photos!!!

Taking further inspiration from Alana at I Love Denham, Mikayla came up with this little number all by herself.  

Wearing leggings under a "romper" or even under shorts sure does open up the wardrobe options.  The girls are sick of wearing jeans so this is a great way to mix it up!

This girl of mine has so many different sides.  Lately she has been such a pleasure to have around.  She has been helping Maddie read her chapter book each day, she helps her sisters pick out outfits on days when we have somewhere to go, she helps me get the house cleaned up at the end of the day and she is a task master for getting us all out of the house and where we need to be on time.

Seems like discovering that she loves writing regularly on her blog and creating the Book Nook site has helped to give Mikayla a new sense of purpose and enjoyment that has benefitted everyone!!


Alana said...

Your girls have great style! So cute!

Grandpa Russ said...

Oh, my! Shades on, leaning against the wall?

Like Mother, like Daughter!

Deja vu all over again!!



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