Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never Too Young For Style

With the dreary gray weather today, the hopes of wearing something springy flew out the window.  Cait and I decided to not let the weather get us down or put a halt on the springtime clothing.  We looked to our favorite style blog I Love Denham for inspiration.  Here is Cait winterizing her romper {overalls}

Thanks for the inspiration Alana:)


Jay said...

Check out her hips. Oh my goodness!! Such sweetness. You can tell she is an imitator I think.

Jones Family said...

oh man she is just a doll! (um literally and figuratively speaking!) Love her to bits!

shannonscattini said...

LQQK at that little fashion maven!!!!!! oh little muffin! SHE's SOoooo darling!!!
<3 shan

Alana said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is too cute! I love this SO much! I am smiling ear to ear right now. You're little girl is the cutest and has amazing poses (that I have to steal haha) I ain't got nothing on this this fashionista!
Glad I could inspire!

Anonymous said...

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