Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 Baby Bumps

Although I am looking forward to meeting this new baby, I am also thinking about how precious pregnancy is.  How fast we forget what it feels like to have a little foot sticking out, how exciting it is to realize that first flutter is actually a new life and how incredible it is to grow a baby in your belly!

I was just looking back at all my pregnancies.

9 months x 6 babies
54 months.
{4 1/2 years}

Pumpkin sitting on Mikayla
36 weeks

 Mikayla sitting on Mailee
36 weeks

Mailee sitting on Maddie
36 weeks
{she was 9.3, I was huge and so was she}

Maddie sitting on Caleb
36 weeks

 Maddie sitting on Cait 
{not sure what happened to the pic with Caleb sitting on baby??}
36 weeks

Caitlyn sitting on baby C
38 weeks


Obwald Family said...

definitely on of my favorite posts :) love each and every kiddo! this baby will not get to sit on another bump of your, maybe someone elses :) haha

Bev said...

Oh, Colleen...what a legacy of love!! I love how you appreciate and treasure every aspect of being a Mommy! God bless you and this new precious little one. I am so far away, but I am praying that this last birth will be a special blessing to you and your family. I can't wait for Easter when I can hold my new grandbaby!!

April Martin said...

Colleen you look more fabulous with each baby! If I didnt love you so much I would hate you a little bit right now haha
wishing you SUCH blessings over the next few days xo