Sunday, March 27, 2011

And Now We Have It All!

The girls and I went out on the town this afternoon to pick up a few last minute essentials.

We got:

- soothers {one pink, one yellow and green}
- newborn diapers
- nursing pads
- a fishnet {it's a waterbirth thing}

I have made a bunch of loaves of bread, there is cooked chicken in the freezer, we have boiled potatoes waiting to be cooked or put in soups, and lots of soup broth ready to go.  The pantry is stocked and so is the fridge.  Laundry is {for today} caught up.

I think we officially have it all!


Anonymous said...

oh ya!! we're set. now all we need is a baby:)

Bev said...

Can't wait :) Tell that little punkin that everything is ready!

Obwald Family said...

good thing little C didn't come yet since you didn't have the net thingy...not sure what that's for :)
love you!