Monday, March 14, 2011

When Two Schools Collide

Today is our last day with Tammy's kids {AKA J. Stang Elementary}.

After seeing how fantastic it can be to have this many children in the house, I am definitely  gonna be working on coordinating this to be a weekly occurrence.  Imagine if I had the kids one Monday and Tam had them the next?  One Monday of 8 kiddos in the house doing fun things together, the next Monday a day to yourself?  Oh My!  Not sure why it has taken this long to come up with such a brilliant plan!?!

Here is what our Monday looked like thus far...
{kids are playing outside...a little extended recess because I needed to put my feet up for a bit.  Remember that cleaning project?  Well I *might* have overdone it yesterday...I am feeling it today!}

Rainbow paintings,

made completely with their hands!

Some of that green paint on those there hands ended up on my brown hoodie.
I was not so happy about that.
Did you know that if you wipe it off with a wet cloth right away it comes right out?
I was really happy about that!!

Pots of gold...St. Patrick's Day is coming up after all!
I am gonna cover these with contact paper (mac-tac) and use them for place mats during our St. Patrick's Day/ 100th day party.

Sliding down the stairs!
This is a regular occurrence.  
It is loud.
It is fun.
No injuries have been sustained as of yet:)

They're rippin!
They got a push off the top from the girls.

Mikayla and Jenaya made this cute dog for Maddie's Twinn doll Paisley.

Have you met Paisley?
Here she is with her new pet.

I love that sometimes the kids will get an idea in their head of something fun to do and as long as their work is under control, they can go off on a tangent like this.  

Making a dog out of household items ended up taking a lot of problem solving and because there were two girls working on it there was also a lot of listening, explaining, disagreeing, convincing and agreeing going on.  I don't think these kinds of little experiences can be discounted.  I love that two tweenish aged girls spent 1 1/2 hours doing this project and were so proud when they were finished.  They even asked me to take the photos!!

This is the kind of thing that kids their age should be doing for fun!

Can you see them?  
This is the view from my house...all the kiddos out at the park playing soccer. (with obstacles)
They are still out there, I have written this entire post without any interruptions.

This is what my living room currently looks like.
Our house is the biggest casualty of school at home.
Today I don't care.
Today my feet are up and I am good with that:)

Many hands make light work...I am gonna be using my power of parental delegation on the crew before they get their snack:)
Oh, perhaps it will actually be more of a power of bribery...
...I'd better go figure out a really great snack!!

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