Monday, March 21, 2011

More Getting Ready

We got a Baby Bjorn from the consignment store  last week.  In my opinion a Baby Bjorn carrier is an essential baby gear item for the first 6 months.

The kids have been getting quite a bit of enjoyment out of the carrier!

Maddie informed me she was "practicing for the baby" as she was climbing up on a chair unaware that she was also whacking the pig's head on the counter.
{I made a mental note }

Cait looked so funny:)

Mailee informed me she would be able to hold two babies at once!

A package came from my Dad in California...

Uncle Harry's Pesto bagels!
{I have managed to have my favourite sandwich as a little reward to myself after every birth.  The pesto bagel that is only sold in Fresno is a key component}
Call me a princess.
Maybe I am.
For a day or two after giving birth I think that's allowed:)

Caity has been practicing the rocking technique with her baby doll.

So exciting!

All we need is a name and we are good to go!

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The Hayes Family said...

So fun! I love all of the essential preparations that you are making! Oh, the Uncle Harry's bagels look good to me! I also love how you have so many big girl helpers. What a blessing! Can't wait to chat with you. I am meeting free in the afternoon tomorrow. Let's chat, if you are not having your baby :). LOVE YOU!!!!