Friday, April 3, 2009

Thinking about Hairbows...

I have rekindled my love for making hair bows. I can't stop, really. There are piles in some stage of creation all over my house! I am dreaming about them in my sleep!
I guess it is partly because I know I have another little girl coming into our family... I see no end in sight for bow-wearing in my household!! I think it is also because it's such a fun creative outlet and I LOVE seeing them on little heads around town!!!

Today I am just contemplating my next step on the bow front. Packaging, new products, marketing... hmmm...lovely Friday thoughts!

polka dots never get old!!!!!!!

the new "sheer collection"

UM...can you stand it???

This is Caitlyn's first swimsuit...and her matching bow (I will need to make a headband or sun hat to attach the bow to because knowing my newborns, she will not have any hair:)

Bows for an upcoming wedding order!

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