Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike's Birthday

I'm almost caught up :) On Saturday Mike turned 35. It is hard to believe that I have only known him for 10 years. We have lived so much life and experienced lots of changes and amazing moments in just 10 years.

Mike you are thoughtful and perceptive. You look after so many things and provide everything that we need. You are helpful with the kids and things around the house and you are such a great Dad! In 10 years you have accomplished so much- from completing Chiropractic school with two small babies at home to starting a successful and meaningful practice here in Kelowna. Oh not to mention having (almost 5) kids. I love your heart to help people and your desire to keep learning and then share what you learn with your patients, family and friends.

I love how you are such a "big brother" with your family, always wanting to help them, support them and protect them.

Such a fun Daddy! Our kids love you so much and I love watching you with them.

I love you more today than yesterday!! You are dedicated to becoming better all the time and that makes us stronger along the way. I am so glad we are on the same team.

I love you Mikey! Happy 35th birthday.


colleen banman said...
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Dr. Mike said...

Thanks Honey, You are the Best. I Love you!

Macknicki Family said...

You seem to be blessed with a wonderful husband. How did you and Mike meet?