Friday, April 24, 2009

Mikayla Today

I got a new camera!! It's not a "point and shoot" like I have always had, it's a DSLR and I am IN LOVE!!!! I have heard the best way to learn how to use the camera is to practice so I am on a mission to do just that.

In a rare mood, Mikayla actually wanted me to photograph her tonight! She is usually not too fond of taking photos so I was thrilled to have an opportunity to have her smile for me willingly. Her smile is so much nicer when it is genuine and not forced.

Love the hat? You must check out this site and you too can have one! This hat fits Mikayla and me and we both wear it a lot. She actually took it off my head to wear for her photo shoot!

Sweet girl. I think we missed the nice sunlight by 10 minutes but there is still a little left!

Check out her dimples! The first thing I noticed about Mikayla when she was born (after finding out she was a girl) was her chin dimple!
This is my favorite from today.


Macknicki Family said...

Aren't DSLR AWESOME! I thought I hated digital at first because I was used to a film SLR and then used a point and shoot digital camera. Then we got our Nikon a few years ago and I realized it wasn't digital I didn't like it was the point and shoot camera I didn't like. Great photos by the way. I LOVE the hat too. Where did you get it?

colleen banman said...

Yes, i am loving the camera. A little overwhelmed with the learning curve but excited to figure it out. Jill- here is a link to the girl who sells the hats. She has a shop on etsy. She can do custom orders and her hats are rediculously adorable. Check her out!


Collen, What camera did you decide on? I have been trying to decide myself and just can't make the jump to spending the money!

Levecks said...

wow great pics of mik.. shes quite the little model! :)