Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let The Nesting Begin

The baby will be living in our room so over the past 2 weeks I have been preparing a space for her. I am quite distracted because this weekend I am doing a superhero party for Mike and Caleb. (Mike turns 35 on April 25, Caleb turns 3 on the baby's due date- May 3) I am super excited about the party and I have lots to do to be ready for that but I also feel a sense of urgency to get ready for baby!!
Wow, bad planning, everything at once...or am I just being cranky?

Anyways, Here are some photos of Caitlyn's space and some of her things!

So last week I finished this duvet cover that is 4 years in the making. I have had the new duvet in a bag for 2 years, the fabric that you see for 1 year and the fabric that is on the other side for 4 years. I am not sure what kept me from just tackling this project, it took two nights once I got started and I love it now that it's done. And for a little dose of reality- It is technically not done. I pinned it along the opening with safety pins for now... sewing on buttons and making button holes just did not sound like fun at this point in time!

This book shelf was a junk collector but I have de-cluttered and now it is much more appealing! I still have lots of room. I would love to get some square baskets for diapers and onsies.

My sweet friend Pabby lent me this fantastic cradle. The bedding that came with it was adorable but since Caitlyn will be living in our space, I decided to make a bumper that coordinates with our new duvet. I love the way it turned out with the black ribbon ties...perhaps that would be an easy solution for my duvet?!

Little jars full of teeny baby things! Soothers come in such great girly colors now! Even in the 5 years since Maddie was a baby, the color selection has seriously improved.

All her tiny clothes in my side of the closet. This is everything I kept from my other girls, all my "favorites" up to 18 months...and a few new things as well:)

A taggie blankie I made for Caitlyn a few months ago when I first found out "it" was a girl!

Another blanket I made a few months ago. I made one just like it for my best friend Gretch.
Her first baby is due May 15.

Teeny shoes Mike's Mom brought home from Mexico. So precious.

We are major soother fans at our house!
(Or for the Americans in the crowd...what do we call these? Pacifier, Binky...)

Wasn't thinking ahead...her special blankie and the room decor do not coordinate at all! Hmph. What to do? I love them both but don't love them together! Oh well, I think I'll have to let this one go. I'm pretty sure our new baby won't mind!


Christa said...

Adorable! We, too, love the binky! They are actually suspected to reduce the risk of SIDS, so I am a big proponent of them.

The Denis Family said...

What fun photos! I can't wait to meet her!

The Hayes Family said...

I love all of the details! Looks like you are ready for baby Caitlyn. I can't wait to see her precious face and hear all about the delivery. Way to go on finishing the duvet. It's lovely!

Macknicki Family said...

I love the duvet! I remember the days when I had time to sew and be crafty. Between working full time, having 2 kids (I don't know how you handle 4...almost 5), and being the Vice President of the school board at Zoe's Preschool I rarely have time to think let alone time to be crafty. I'm jealous that you're able to work in SO many crafty projects

Levecks said...

wow.. looks like your set.. i didn't see the blankies, and all those CLOTHES!!! CRAZY!!!! way to go lil nester, can't wait for the phone call.